Word Count Rules

1) Post length should be 200 words or more.
Why? A character's post length often, though not always, has a great deal to do with the amount of information that a character can portray in a post. Posts should both aid in character development as well as aid in furthering a storyline or plot. Short posts often fall short in both these aspects. Despite how wrong it might feel to some, admin feel that post length is important. (Note: 200 words is not hard to hit if you just give it a little thought.)

This is not to say a post needs to be a verbose novella, nor is it to say that a post cannot be shorter than 200 words ever. There are times when a simple, short post is perfectly suited to the scene. This is simply to say that the player should be capable of writing a post of 200+ Words the majority of the time.

2) Post tense should /always/ be in third person.
There are many ways of writing, and we all have our own, valid opinions on how to write. This said, admin /do/ respect your opinions, however this game is based on the opinions of the admin who have devoted the time and effort to create and maintain this game. The themes pose tense is third person.

NOTE: Admin would like to stress that this is /not/ an attempt to bully short posters off the game, however, characters are a staple in storyline coordination and should be able to lead RP in a way that both enhances character development for themselves and others, as well as effectively carry the scene. This often requires more than a few lines.
Understand that the above guidelines are /not negotiable/ and admin reserve the right to both deny a player a character, as well as revoke approval should a player become lazy or fail to meet the above guidelines.

Complaining to admin or other players about this policy will prompt a response from admin. Players who continuously slander, argue, or complain will in turn be asked to leave the game. This game follows a Zero Tolerance Policy for players that fail to follow and respect the rules set by the game's admin.

In short, quality poses should include:

  • The use of Third Person
  • Reasonable grammar and spelling (typos happen)
  • Action - an explanation of what the character is doing
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