Wiki Procedure

Joining the Wiki

Players on Seaside are encouraged to maintain pages for their characters on the game's wiki, which is located at:

To join, create an account on wikidot and click on the link titled How to join this site? under Wiki Guide at the top right. The wiki will then prompt you for a password. Enter the password located here on the forum.

Congratulations! You are now a member of Seaside's wikidot community.

Staff asks that you respect other players and only edit character pages that belong to you — unless you have been given explicit permission by the page's owner to help maintain it. Anyone is welcome to post logs to the archive, so long as they follow the template provided.

Character Pages

Page Creation

You do not need to worry about creating your character's wikipage. This will be done by staff upon approval.

Filling out Information

Each section gives a short explanation of what info to enter in it. You can choose to leave sections blank. Some do not apply to all characters or players. Fill out whatever is appropriate to share OOCly.

Many players choose to include such things as Relationships with other characters, music/themesongs, a gallery, quotes, and/or trivia. Anything else you wish to share can also be put here.

Notice: Under no circumstances remove any of the default ==== dividers from the page as these dividers tell the page where to put the information. Removal and/or addition of these dividers will cause errors to the page.

Uploading Images

Image files are typically uploaded to the wiki in order to be referenced on a character page. To add an image:

  • Scroll down to the buttons at the bottom of the page and click on "FILES" (in the center of the row)
  • Then select "Upload a file from your computer"
  • Browse to the file in question, and
  • IF the original filename does not match what you cited in the wikipage:
    • Select "switch to our old uploader" instead of "Select Files"
    • Browse to the file in question
  • When renaming the file remember:
    • You must include the extension, e.g. Grace.jpg
    • Filenames are case sensitive; Grace.jpg and grace.jpg are two different files
    • Filenames cannot contain spaces

Once the file has been uploaded, you should be able to hit refresh and see it displayed at whatever point the wikipage references it.

Required Images

There is one image that is required for each character page. If you have supplied a character image staff have likely already uploaded this file for you. If you have not, or you would like to change it, it is listed here.

  • <character-name>.jpg - This is the image that shows on the right hand side of your character page.
    • Size: 200px x ?

Tricks and Troubleshooting

Hide Line in TOC

The Table of Contents is generated from headers. Headers are lines prefixed with one or more + symbols. If you want one to be left out of the TOC, put an * right after the last +, e.g. '++* Title Text.

Info in the Wrong Place

If something is not where it's supposed to be, odds are you deleted (or added) a divider line (====). Hopefully you retained the comments with section descriptions and can easily find the out-of-place section. Then just reenter or remove the offending line as appropriate.

Finished Threads Pages

So, you want to post your log. We'd love to see it. Follow these easy instructions below to post it:

1.) Login.
2.) Go to the Finished Threads page via the menu link.
3.) Click Edit in the lower right hand corner.
4.) The page's code will come up, looking something like this:

__July1, 2010__
**Title:** [[[log:070110-1 |Detention]]]
**Quick Description**: John and Jane have detention.
**Cast:** [[[character:Jane Doe]]] and [[[character:John Doe]]]

Just copy and paste the block of text with the Title: Quick Description:, etc. onto a new line and then fill it in with your info. Putting text between the square brackets makes a link.

Title should be given in log:<link>|<title> format. But what should the link be?
We post all our Finished Threads (aka: logs) in the format of <MMDDYY-#> so you need to see which # your log will be. The date should be the OOC date that the scene took place.

See if there are any other logs from that day. If so, yours will be the next # in line. If not, yours will be MMDDYY-1.

DO NOT delete or overwrite someone else's log and links. You need to copy and paste the code to add yours to the list, not overwrite it.

5.) Finish the edit and save the page.
6.) Now view the page and make sure it is okay. You should have made a link to your new page in the Title part by putting brackets around the name of your new log.
7.) Click that link. It doesn't exist yet so the wiki will ask you if you want to create a new page. Click create page.
8.) As long as you left the link named log:<MMDDYY-#>, it will automatically bring up the page template for logs.
9.) Fill in the necessary information. Make sure to leave the ==== dividers in place.

[!-- OOC Date --]
[!-- IC Date --]
[!-- Quick Description --]
[!-- Location --]
[!-- Location Description --]
[!--Log Goes Here  --]

10.) Save the page.
11.) Click Tags in the lower right hand corner.
12.) Add tags. Include names for all characters involved in the scene as well as the four digit ooc year and the full name of the ooc month of the log. (Use a - in place of a space or ' if required.) To include the log in the logs listing for an NPC add the tag 'npc-<name>'.

Club & Classes Pages

Club and Class pages, like character pages, are created by staff. If you find that one is missing please contact staff to have it added.

Class Rosters

Should be up to date upon approval of your character. If you notice that your character is not in the class roster for a class that they should be, please contact staff.

Club Membership

If you are a member of a club and your name is not listed in the list on it's wikipage simply add the corresponding tag to your character page:

Art Club - art-club

Astronomy Club - astronomy-club

Campus Ministry - student-ministry

Campus Newspaper - campus-newspaper

Chess Club - chess-club

Creative Writing Club - creative-writing-club

Debate Team - debate-club

Drama Club - drama-club

Math Club - math-club

National Honor Society - national-honor-society

Pep Squad - pep-squad

Photography Club - photography-club

Recycling Club - recycling-club

Student Government - student-government

Yearbook - yearbook

Location Pages

Included page "helpfile:locations" does not exist (create it now)

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