The Slackers

Underachievers, Dope-Heads, Relaxed, Easy-Going

The grunge crowd, the drop-outs, the dopeheads, the slackers whatever you call them, this clique is less about schoolwork and all about their music, using recreational drugs, and just chilling. People drift in and out of their group, and some may not even graduate, but they don't care. Most of them don't see the need for school or all that effort. As long as they can make enough money to subsist-to eat, to drink, to have fun-they'll be happy. It's a neutral state of being, one dedicated to satisfying the most basic of needs. They will turn slacking into an art form, however, expending more effort into avoiding work than the work itself might actually entail. Some are also intelligent scammers, making money through non-traditional means like leveling characters in videogames for customers or buying and selling items on EBay.

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