The Hobbyists

Enthusiastic, Dedicated, Serious, Cautious

This group has a hobby that may or may not be tied to a class, be it photography, gaming, astronomy, wrestling, model train building, etc. The hobby in question is not very physically active, and while the hobbyists may watch wrestling, for example, they won't go out and wrestle themselves. It's a fan club of sorts, with the meetings spent discussing the hobby or pursuing it. If the students have a teacher sponsoring them, then they'll likely meet in a classroom or study room after class. Members of this "clique" are also friends with one another outside of school, because their hobby touches on their personal lives. With outsiders, though, most hobbyists are careful about revealing their interests out of fear of becoming the subject of ridicule. Photographers are among the few that aren't mocked, however, because the photographs end up in the school newspaper, on the website, and in the yearbook.

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