The Delinquents

Bullying, Antagonistic, Petty

Unlike a gang, which implies an organization, team colors, gang signs, and really kicking socials, delinquents are simply trouble-makers, law-breakers, and pains in the asses of the ‘system’. They might be bullies or the kid bouncing between foster homes, but they all have "trouble" branded across their foreheads. Most expect to attend the University of Five to Ten, and the only reason they're in school now is because they're being forced to. It's either school or juvenile hall. In one, you choose your dance partners; in the other, they choose you. It's not to say that delinquents can't be redeemed. For some delinquents, it requires effort and, more importantly, the possibility of hope. They must feel like they have the chance for a good life once they leave school. For others, however, they like being minor criminals and bullies. They enjoy the power and money that comes from beating down the weaker.

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