The Counter Culture Teens

Shocking, Rebels, Anti-Establishment

You notice these kids right off the bat because they make an exceptional effort to get noticed. They stand out in crowds, and they do whatever it takes to be distinctive. It might be a foot-high mohawk, a rack of piercings, strange clothing, or make-up on guys. You might also know them as goths or punks, though plenty of other cliques also fit the bill. This clique dislikes the homogenized sensibilities of society, and they enjoy flouting their distaste for it in the most visual way possible. Their tastes are also reflected in their music. That said, just because these teens are counter-culture or anti-establishment doesn't mean they're law-breakers. Theirs is a form of quiet protest, and while they may not obey all rules and laws, many will obey the majority of them.

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