Student Government2

While the school year is ICly over, there WAS obviously a Student Government the previous school year. Below is the 2009-2010 Student Government listed AS APPED. These are open as First Come, First Serve slots. If the slot is already taken, my apologies, be sure to run for Student Gov in the upcoming school year.

Council Leaders
President Amber Trent (NPC Senior Graduate)
Vice President Ashley Kerrington
Secretary Open
Treasurer Eli Winston
Senior Leaders Junior Leaders
Amber Trent (NPC) Ashley Kerrington
Open Dean Kerrington
Open Benton Kerrington
Sophomore Leaders Freshman Leaders
Adam Blake Eli Winston
Open Open
Open Open

Despite this all grades, 9th -12th elect 3 individuals per grade to sit on the Student Government Council. One must be on this panel to be voted into a main seat. Council President elects MUST be a Senior or Junior. Honors do not pass on the next year. Elections are held in the second week of each new school year.

Staff Note:
Elections will be held during the first 2 weeks of the new school year. Characters should avoid trying to app into these positions as they must be voted on by the characters.

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