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OOC: Testosterone!!!
Located on the 'Wanted Board'. Testosterone!!! We need some active dudes! Adam, Teague, and Charlie can only do so much ladies! We need some guys that are able to interact! If someones looking for...

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Midsummer Party!
WHEN: July 15th, 2010 TIME: 9:00pm EST WHERE: Charlie Danner's house WHO: everyone!! WHY: Well, who wouldn't have a party while their parents are away? Charlie Danner's throwing another one of his...

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At first glance Seaside is nothing more than your typical South California community. Complete with picturesque sunsets, rolling beaches and its fair share of drama, deception, and happiness. A town where money talks and politicians play, and people's lives unfold like so much drama before the eyes of those around them.

Welcome to a place where the teenage population face the problems and daily existential questions every American youth faces. Where they deal with family, friends, and life choices. Welcome to a place where teens and adults are forced to co-exist, some better than others.

Inspired by themes like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Degrassi, and The Secret Life of An American Teenager, step into a world where problems are never as simple as they should be, friends are never as honest as we wish, and secrets just can't stay hidden for long.

What is Interactive Fiction?
Interactive fiction, often abbreviated 'IF', describes an environment in which players create characters (often called Player Characters or 'PCs' for short) and navigate them through story-lines with the use of text to control their actions and influence the environment. Works in this form can be understood as literary narratives.

Within this game players and their created characters interact with other players and their characters, working with their peers to spin a story and push the plot along. Within most 'IF' games the theme is completely mundane, meaning that there are no supernatural or paranormal elements within the theme. Much like a television series, the story-lines are continuous, with the introduction and removal of various characters as well as structured 'PC' relationships that progress and blossom over time and interaction. To put it simply, it's like being a character in a book or series.

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