Swimming & First Aid
Instructor Mr. Kent Mathis, Department Head - Period 4
Coach Claudia French - Period 1
Department Health & Human Performance Department

Swimming - Teaches basic swimming skills and awareness of safety in, on, and around the water. This course builds on the safety skills learning in the beginner course and helps improve swimming form and coordination. Community Water Safety - Provides general water safety information to help prevent water accidents. Teaches how to help self and others in water emergencies. This course also includes practical information regarding spinal injury management. First Aid/AED Awareness - Students will be trained to recognize and react to life-threatening emergencies. This course will enable students to possible be certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid. Active Lifestyles - This unit will include multiple activities to include: adventure education, outdoor pursuits, cardiovascular training, and individual and team activities.

Class Roster - Period 1 Class Roster - Period 4
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