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Dalton Walsh
Ignacio Sosa
Department Head/Instructor
Joann Calderon
Julia Farmer


Global Studies

Instructor Mr. Dalton Walsh - Period 1
Mrs. Julia Farmer - Period 2
Department Social Sciences Department

Global studies will focus on the people of the various continents as well as the history and culture of these areas. This course will be multi-disciplinary in nature, combining a measure of historical, religious, geographic, political, economic, and cultural analysis of one or more countries in a particular region. This is a full year, required course for freshman students.

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Instructor Mrs. Joann Calderon
Department Social Sciences Department
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Instructor Mrs. Joann Calderon
Department Social Sciences Department

Psychology is the social science that studies the mind through the behavior of individuals. The purpose of this course is to give the student the basic understanding of his or her behavior and how that behavior relates to others.

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Political Science

Instructor Mr. Dalton Walsh
Department Social Sciences Department

Political Science will allow students to investigate and explore the workings of our democratic society. Content will include the structure of government, the electoral process and personal economics. Students also will analyze historical documents, examine the influence of media, economics and group process in a democratic society, interpret current events, explore the value of diversity in U.S. society and explore individual rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship. The course includes study skills, research techniques, data interpretation, and problem solving and communication skills.

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United States History

Instructor Mr. Ignacio Sosa, Department Head - Period 1
Mrs. Joann Calderon - Period 7
Department Social Sciences Department

This is a full year course for meeting the United States history requirement. A study of democracy and its origins is necessary for an adequate understanding of the responsibilities of the American adult. Past events are used to assist them in arriving at conclusions regarding contemporary issues.

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World Geography

Instructor Mr. Ignacio Sosa, Department Head - Period 4 & 8
Mr. Dalton Walsh - Period 5
Mrs. Julia Farmer - Period 6
Department Social Sciences Department

This course is provided to students who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the world’s geographic composition. World regions are studied in terms of their physical and political make up. Each region’s populations patterns, ethnic cultures and history are also explored. World Geography is recommended for all sophomores but is also open to juniors and seniors.

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