Seaside High School
Type Public High School
Status Summer Break
Owner City of Seaside
School Focus General Education
Dress Code Casual
Grades 9-12
Mascot The Spartans
School Colors Red/White/Black
Class Size 16
Class Ratio 1:16

About Seaside High School

Seaside High is a public high school in the center of Seaside. Despite the city’s benefit from brand new facilities the school still has many of the same problems plaguing all American high schools, such as drugs, violence, and legal issues. The school's faculty and staff work hard to ensure a quality level of education for their students, but often feel they are more often called upon to be social workers, counselors, and even parole officers. The majority of the student body is made up of kids who vary between working hard and wanting to have fun with their friends. Any problem kids just happen to be the ones that take up the most time. Seaside High School has a successful athletics program and its football and basketball games are well attended. They also boast a healthy competitive relationship with another local high school, Monterey High.

Location Details

Mr. Keith Alexander

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Portrayed By: Albert Bennadict

Ms. Margaret Pennington

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Portrayed By: Laticia Nunez-Wood


Art Business & Technology English Family & Consumer Education
Foreign Language Health & Human Performance Mathematics Music
Physical Sciences Social Sciences Study Halls

School Information

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