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Donny Barlow
Fredrick Rush
Ms. Dottie Love
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Art History

This course offers an overview of mankind’s achievements in the visual arts from pre-history to the first centuries A.D. Students explore the image-making, monumental sculpture, and architecture of these eras and learn something of the magic, religion, and politics behind them. Our studies range across space as well as time to include the art of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, and the Middle East.

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Instructor: Ms. Dottie Love
Instructor: Ms. Dottie Love


Instructor Mr. Rush
Department Art

This course introduces students to the medium of low-fire clay. Instruction is given in the techniques of hand-building, wheel work, glazing, underglazing, and a variety of other finishing and sculptural methods. Basic techniques are covered during the first half of the term. During the second half of the term students are encouraged to concentrate on developing a single technique and on finishing a project that expands the student’s knowledge of the craft.

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Instructor Mr. Donny Barlow
Department Art

If all the world’s a stage and all the men and women players, then acting is the key to success. This course explores the choices an actor makes in preparing a role and the skills helpful in presenting a variety of characters to audiences. Theater games, improvisations, monologues, and scenes are the core of individual and class exercises.

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Media Arts

Instructor Ms. Dottie Love, Art Department Head
Department Art

Students will be involved in multimedia productions. Computer animation, audio and video will be used in creating and editing the various works. Assignments will be provided to develop awareness and technical skills in using video production equipment. Media effects upon our society will also be explored.

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Instructor Ms. Dottie Love, Department Head
Department Art

Open the darkroom door for an inside look at the techniques of black and white photography in this introductory course. Investigate the camera’s mechanics, the characteristics of film, exposure time, depth of field considerations, chemical processing, and photo ethics. Darkroom work is supplemented by weekly assignments, class discussions, and critiques.

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Mixed Media

Instructor Mr. Barlow
Department Art

Students explore the concepts of works on paper using pastels, craypas, watercolor, paints, and other media. Students are encouraged to work with non-traditional art media, creating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. The growth and development of each student’s creative imagination and facility are the primary objectives in this class. Particular emphasis is placed on attaining a working knowledge of color, texture, and composition. Students are introduced to works of art from diverse cultures through slide presentations, field trips, and videos.

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Traditional Art

Instructor Mr. Barlow
Department Art

Traditional Arts is a course designed to introduce and reintroduce students with the basic, traditional forms of art. Sketching, shading, basic pastels, and watercolor are the four main topics explored by this class. Students will also be introduced to the various mediums within each of the traditional forms taught.

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Instructor Mr. Rush
Department Art

This hands-on course is for students interested in making their cabinets and/or furniture. Working individually, or as part of a team, students will gain experience with cabinet and furniture materials, cost estimating, planning, machine safety, machining, joinery, assembly, and finishing. The use of high-tech materials and methods is presented in combination with more traditional processes.

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