Post Tense

This game does not have a specific tense in which RP must happen. Some players prefer present tense, which gives the impression that things are happening as the thread moves. Some prefer past tense, which gives the impression that it has already happened. Players should make sure that they realize that threads may not have both tenses. This means that if you post on a thread, make absolutely sure that you are posting in the same tense as the others. Those that ignore the tense will be ignored and removed. It’s a matter of quality, and as RPers, it never hurts to be adaptable and do both. For this reason it is generally polite to include the tense in the title of a new thread.

Example: June 9 - Welcome To The Jungle [Past Tense/Open]

This title tells other players exactly what they need to know. The ID date of the thread, the title, the tense, and if it is open or private.

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