PC Applications

Players should copy/paste this template and fill it out completely. Staff expect all the requested information in full. Completed applications should be emailed to moc.liamg|GPRhgihedisaes#moc.liamg|GPRhgihedisaes for review by admin. Accepted applications will receive a return email.

Seaside Character Application

OOC Information (Player Information)

Players should fill out this information responsibly and honestly. Failure to truthfully provide staff with this information can have your membership removed.

Player Alias: (Give staff a name that they can refer to you as. Example: John, Sue, Kate)

Player Age: (Staff are not responsible for monitoring the actions of unsupervised minors on this site.)

Alternate Characters: (Also called 'Alts' for short. Players should provide a list of all other characters on the game.)

Personal Details

Character Name: First Middle Last
Nickname: Character nickname. Example: Buddy, Cat
Played By: What actor/model/etc the character is portrayed by? Please check the Taken PBs list prior to your selection.
PBs should match the character's age.
Please provide a link to the preferred character picture.
Character Age: Characters should be of proper High School age.
Grade Grade Name Character Age
9 Freshman 14-15
10 Sophomore 15-16
11 Junior 16-17
12 Senior 17-19
Character Birthday: Month Day, Year
Character Grade: See above age chart.
Place of Birth: Where your character was born. Please keep foreign students at a minimum.
Character Clique: See the Cliques listing for more detailed information on each group.
Character Resources: What monetary resources are available to your character? Please see the Resources listing for more detailed information and guidelines.
Character Personality: Please provide a detailed outline of your character's usual personality.
Reputation: Please give a small outline of your character's reputation in Seaside or at the school.
Other: Give any other information about your character. Include any secrets, medical issues, etc.

Life Details

Character Bio: Please provide a detailed outline (a few paragraphs) on your character's life up to this point.
Character Family: Outline the members of your family and the relationship you have with them.

School Details

Class Schedule: See Curriculum for a complete list of classes offered. Follow the format provided below!

Period 1:
Period 2:
Period 3:
Period 4:
Lunch Break
Period 5:
Period 6:
Period 7:
Period 8:
Note:Seniors may take one free period.

Club Memberships: List any clubs you are a member of and your position in the club (if applicable). Clubs
Sport Teams: List any teams you are a member of and your position played. Athletics

Sample Pose

Introduce your character into the storyline. This can be anything from a conversation between friends, to walking into the cafeteria. This is to gauge your ability to maintain the storyline as well as provide other players with substance to work from. Please see the Pose Quality Rules for more on this.

Character Plot Information

In the sections below provide your character's outlook on the topics of friends, love, and enemies. This information will be provided to your fellow players to help aid in creating character hooks with other characters and create a foundation of RP. You may see the Character Plots Board on the forum for more information.

Name on Friends:

Name on Love:

Name on Enemies:

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