PB Rules

As stated in other areas of the game, admin prefer that all PBs match the age of the played character. This means that players may not use PBs that are in their mid thirties fora character who is 16. It looks tacky and the admin will not be accepting applications that ignore this rule.

In some cases an actor or model might have appropriate images from the past that fit. In this case the admin will allow the /age appropriate/ images to be used, however, ONLY those images that maintain the age of the character being played.

In the case of a character timing out and being removed, the PB will be reopened for use. Regardless of why you were removed from the game, PBs which have been claimed will not be returned to applications which have timed out. Meaning if you lose a PB for inactivity, you WILL NOT regain it if you reapply unless that PB is still open.

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