Thelma Stout
Portrayed By Meridith Crosley Grundei
Full Name Mrs. Thelma Stout
Birthday March 11
Age 37
Position Instructor/Department Head
Department Business & Technology
Subjects Computer Maintenance & Repair, Webpage Design


Mrs. Stout is a sweet woman with an even sweeter disposition. She grades fairly, and has an open mind when it comes to creative (and mostly honest) excuses regarding late work and poor test grades. She is also someone that is never reluctant to listen to both sides of a story which means that she finds herself often drawn into personal differences of her students. Something she doesn’t always appreciate.

Class Schedule

Period 1: Webpage Design
Period 2:
Period 3:
Period 4: Computer Maintenance & Repair
Period 5: Computer Maintenance & Repair
Period 6:
Period 7:
Period 8: Webpage Design

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