Fredrick Rush
Portrayed By Rance Baker
Full Name Fredrick Rush
Birthday June 7
Age 56
Position Art Department, Business & Technology Department
Subjects Ceramics, Woodshop, Auto Mechanics


Unlike his fellow teachers in the art department, Mr. Rush is not a man to be bargained with. He knows what he expects, and he expects nothing less from his students. Attendance is key in passing his classes, and laziness is a wonderful way to find yourself repeating the classes over again. He is not, however, blind to those that put genuine effort into their work and will not hesitate to encourage those students to do their best.

Class Schedule

Period 1: Ceramics
Period 2: Ceramics
Period 3:
Period 4:
Period 5: Woodshop
Period 6: Woodshop
Period 7:
Period 8: Auto Mechanics

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