Francis Fry
Portrayed By Carol Bloom
Full Name Ms. Francis Fry
Birthday February 1
Age 57
Position Instructor
Department Business & Technology
Subjects Computer Publications, Exploring Business


Ms. Fry is a spinster and a pistol. She might be one of the older teachers at the school but she is easily one of the most spirited and much loved educators of her time. She is also an amazing teacher when it comes to publications and marketing know-how. Despite her age she remains passionate about learning, even going so far as to further her own knowledge, taking college classes to keep up with the modern times. She loves exposing her students to new ways of exploring the business world through publications, web development, and other means.

Class Schedule

Period 1: Exploring Business
Period 2: Computer Publications
Period 3:
Period 4: Exploring Business
Period 5:
Period 6: Computer Publications
Period 7:
Period 8:

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