Ms. Dottie Love
Portrayed By Sherrie Scott
Full Name Dottie Annette Love
Birthday September 7
Age 34
Position Art Department Head


Miss Dottie Love has been a member of the school staff for almost 4 years, and already has risen above and beyond her teaching expectations, taking both the department and her students under her wing. Ms. Love is well admired among her coworkers as well as her students. She is known for being kindhearted and easy to talk to, as well as being a teacher that is wholeheartedly concerned with her students futures. She strives to make sure that no students are left behind and no talented artist is overlooked.

Class Schedule

Period 1: Photography
Period 2: Media Arts
Period 3: Art History
Period 4:
Period 5: Photography
Period 6: Art History
Period 7: Media Arts
Period 8:

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