Donny Barlow
Portrayed By Rance Baker
Full Name Donald Barlow
Birthday July 7
Age 57
Position Teacher
Subjects Drama, Mixed Media, Trad. Art


Mr. Donny Barlow has been a teacher for the school for the better part of 14 years, and in such time he has helped nurture the creative muses of more than 12 graduates that later went on to master their talents in the artistic world. Mr. Barlow is no stranger to the stage and encourages his students to ‘reach for the stars’, using his own personal experiences with Broadway as encouraging stories to spark the excitement of his youthful ‘thespians in the making.’

Class Schedule

Period 1: Traditional Art
Period 2:
Period 3: Mixed Media
Period 4: Mixed Media
Period 5:
Period 6: Traditional Art
Period 7: Drama
Period 8:

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