Angelia Kates
Portrayed By Alexandria Mills (Open to Change)
Full Name Angelia Kates
Birthday Open
Age 16-17
Class Upcoming Junior
Clique Open
Position Student


Angelia and Adam have been an on again/off again thing for the most of their teenage years. Her father works closely with Adam’s father and grandfather on business ventures, meaning that the two have grown up next to one another. Also means that she’s still present in his life even after the recent dumping (June 3, 2010).

Family Details

the Kates family has been a part of Seaside since shortly after it's founding. The family, who moved into the newly established town from their home in northern Washington, were quick to open the towns first country club, a business which is now considered to be one of the most lucrative businesses in the region. The Kates have made a name and a financial reputation by thriving upon the tourist season, which makes up most of the spring and summer business. The family also runs a few smaller business, such as restaurants and clothing stores.


This character is open for application, however the player must be mature, creative, and capable of adapting to scenes and maintaining activity. If you're interested in this character feel free to contact Mint or Adam via PM.

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