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July 9, 2010
Title: Rituals
Quick Description:"In which introductions are made and distances traveled. - On her first real day in Seaside, Victoria goes for a run and meets an unexpected friend in the person of Daina Sakong. "
Cast: Victoria Blackwell and Daina Sakong

July 12, 2010
Title: A Meeting of the Utmost Eminence
Quick Description:"In which fate is tempted and unexpected guests are welcomed. - The Kates family arrives to welcome the Blackwells to the neighborhood. Combustion ensues.
Cast: Victoria Blackwell and Angelia Kates

July 13, 2010
Title: Clash Of The Titans - Part 1
Quick Description:Teague stumbles across Ashley weeks after their last talk. With a mysterious broken arm and wounded pride, Teague lets Ashley have it, she lashes back, and the two…set a date. Sorta.
Cast: Ashley Kerrington and Teague Edwards

July 19, 2010
Title: Visit to Rex's Diner
Quick Description:
Cast: Victoria Blackwell and Cairine Taylor

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