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OOC Date: July 19, 2010
IC Date: July 19

Rex's Diner (Open Market)

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One would expect that, with a job as interesting - and, often, fun! - as the one Cairine now held, she’d have an easier time ignoring how much her feet and shoulders hurt after a long shift. This particular shift had been exceptionally long, lasting well past three in the morning, so her joints ached an exceptional amount. She was still dressed in one of her work outfits - today, a white sleeveless top with its top two buttons undone and a skirt that fell well short of her knees, though she’d changed into a more comfortable pair of sneakers from the fancy flats she wore on shift. She also desperately needed food, so she found herself at one of the few 24-hour places in Seaside - Rex’s Diner - sitting at the bar and very aware of how much her outfit set her apart from the other patrons.

When the waitress made her way over, Cairine set her menu aside. "Tall stack, garlic home fries, and a Sierra Mist please." The waitress turned to leave without acknowledging Cairine, so Cairine shrugged and returned her attention to the strange-smelling bearded fellow in the back corner for a moment before realizing that he was likely the last person in the room she should be acknowledging and instead looking at the menu again.

The bell on the diner door rang again as she gave her order, a flat jangling sound that seemed every bit as run down as the restaurant itself. It seemed like the sort of dingy, mournful tone that Dickens might have had in mind when he wrote about Scrooge's office in A Christmas Carol, and - lesson learned from her look at the back corner - Cairine was wise enough not to turn around.

"Some service, huh?" A rich, warm soprano startled her as the stool next to her creaked softly, and when she turned her head she found herself only a few inches from a wry grin that didn't seem inclined to take much of anything seriously and a pair of deep brown eyes that looked her up and down with an almost impish humor that couldn't disguise their natural intensity. "I don't think either of us is up to the dress code."

Deep blue jogging sweats, even fitted ones, are not generally what one would consider a sensual outfit. In fact, when combined with a loose braid, most people would tend to call it a plain look. Then again, most people didn't have either the confidence or the sheer physical vitality to pull it off.

The girl next to her right now, though - that was another matter entirely.

Cairine heard the voice and felt the presence of the other girl. Company… I really don't want company right now. I want to eat in silence then go home. She turned, maybe to tell the other girl to go away then stopped.

And stared.

It was a shoulder she saw first - strong yet slender, the thin material of the sweatshirt clinging to it in a way that let her make out just how perfectly toned it was. Her eyes followed the ridge of that shoulder to the other girl's neck, the first glimpse of flesh, and the skin she saw was pale and flawless, the curve of her companion's throat looking thoroughly… kissable.

Yet there was more to see, so Cairine's eyes wandered upward, past the lightly-cleft chin to the sweeping, strong jawline and the smooth cheek and the corner of the dainty ear hidden by shiny, dark hair. They then swept over her companion's dark, intense eyes and down, taking note of the way the other girl's nose stood proudly from her face, yet was not raised in that haughty, condescending way that the noses of most girls who were as self-assured and good-looking as this one would.

Next came the lips, and… Cairine's mind blanked for a moment, because there weren't words to describe the lips. A physical description could be given - full, moist, soft, seemingly perfect for kissing or caressing or… but no, that wouldn't capture them at all.

The girl who had just wandered in and sat down was completely different from Jessica - dark-haired and pale to Jessica's classic California blonde hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin; coolly confident rather than cruelly uptight - but she exuded sex appeal to just the same degree. And Cairine stared, entirely forgetting to respond or that looking for this long was rude.

“Hi.” Her breath-stealing stranger spoke with such a gently knowing certainty that Cairine could feel, all in a single heartbeat, that she’d been caught staring and entirely forgiven for it. The gentle amusement in that voice was there for her behavior, but without anything mocking or harsh in it - instead, what she found there was the self-deprecating and silent laughter of someone who found the whole experience familiar and faintly bemusing. As if, like a stoplight at an inconvenient moment, it was just one of those parts of life to be greeted with a cheerful resignation and then put out of one’s mind when it ceased to be a problem.

The short, lean girl shifted slightly on the stool, long legs bracing lightly against the bar rail and her elbow resting comfortably on the surface of the wood as if she were settling in for a wait; her smile said ‘take your time, I’ll still be here when you’re done.’ There was a nod to the waitress, an order that floated by unheard, and then she turned those warm brown eyes on Cairine with that same sparkle of laughter glittering in her eyes and extended a strong, slender hand. “Victoria Blackwell. It’s nice to meet you.”

It took until the introduction for Cairine to totally snap out of her wonder-induced fugue, and she didn’t make an effort at explaining herself - instead she simply responded to the introduction. “Cairine Taylor.” She looked down at herself, to keep herself from staring again, then blushed deeply when she realized what she was wearing - an outfit designed, in part by that pretty popular girl she’d met at the mall, to draw eyes to her most flattering features.

And the girl to whom she spoke didn’t need such help.

That was the moment that she realized that she hadn’t actually caught what the other girl said when she introduced herself. After stammering for a moment, she finally caved. “I didn’t catch your name. Could you run it by me again?

“Victoria. Victoria Blackwell.” Victoria chuckled softly, her fingers running lightly through her hair as she brushed a few strands out of her face, and she regarded Cairine with a gently tolerant smile that suggested this wasn’t the first time she’d had to repeat herself in an introduction. She’s a pretty little thing. Embarrassed and awkward, but pretty. Doesn’t look like she gets to flit much, though. She buried a chuckle, because the last thing the girl probably needed was to be laughed at. If she’s in the closet, she’s really, really bad at it. If she isn’t, then she’s awfully shy.

The second, lower and more wicked chuckle that produced in the back of her head was enough to make her shoot a look at herself in the mirror over the bar before she turned her attention back to Cairine. Didn’t you just get done talking about how not-ready-for-a-relationship you are not two nights ago, and here you are thinking about flirting with a girl in a diner at four in the morning. Victoria Blackwell, behave.

“It’s all right. I’m guessing from the outfit and the shoes that you had a pretty long night. Waitress?” She felt herself smiling impishly again as she looked Cairine up and down, frankly admiring her.

Oh, well. Just a little flirting never hurt anyone, right?

Cairine blinked at a realization. She’s… looking. I’ve been looked at… longingly? Given longing looks? Is there a word that starts with L that I could replace given with? Looking, long and lustful… not writing a story right now. Anyway, been looked at with interest before, but she doesn’t even try to hide it. She doesn’t make a big deal of it either. Is she flirting? Hasn’t said anything flirty, but that look certainly is. “Yeah… I wait tables at Skins. It’s a teen club… I don’t think I’ve seen you there. Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen you anywhere.” She knew she was still blushing - probably deeper since she realized that Victoria was looking - but forced herself to go on. “Going into my junior year at Seaside High. I’m new in town, though… not to the area; I’m from up in Santa Cruz, but I just moved down here this summer and am living with my aunt…” She trailed off, suddenly aware that she was rambling.

Okay, extremely beautiful girl, flirting with you, miss recently aware lesbian. Don't make an idiot of yourself in your first actual chance to meet someone with whom there might possibly ever be mutual interest.

"That gives us something in common, then. I just moved here, too, though from a lot further out of town." The waitress appeared with a cup of coffee, into which Victoria proceeded to empty a generous pour of creamer and two packets of sugar before taking a long, deep drink and crossing her legs comfortably. "All the way from D.C., and I just got in a bit more than a week ago, so I'm a wandering innocent when it comes to California and Seaside High. Been having to depend on the charity of strangers to find out what's worth seeing here and what's not for a girl our age."

There was absolutely nothing innocent about that smile, or the way she moved so casually under that track suit. Forthright, perhaps. Direct. Certainly energetic and focused. Innocence or naiveté, however, were nowhere to be found and she damn well knew it. Of course, her smile gave all of that away and even invited you in on the joke.

Victoria felt her grin widen slowly as she caught the blush spreading on Cairine's cheeks, and she reached out playfully to casually flick a fingertip against the open collar of Cairine's shirt. "Looks like I just lucked out, though. Now I know the name of a local teen club that sounds like fun, and an excellent reason to make time to show up."

She's new in town. Probably not seeing anyone, then. Vicky Completely? Victoria Blackwell, FBI? I could see her in the FBI. She’s got the will for it. And the confidence. And the looks to be in a TV show about the FBI… if she was older, of course. Do real FBI agents all look good? I’d imagine not. Only job where you have to look good is model. I guess… maybe stripper? I can’t really imagine her stripp… well, okay, I just did imagine her stripping, but it’s not at a club and now I can’t stop imagining it. That sweat suit gives a good idea of what’s under it; apart from a few details I’m pretty sure my imagining of it is accurate. And… really should stop imagining it. Isn’t it rude to imagine someone you’ve just met stripp… oh god she just touched me.

“The club’s the only place I really know… I’m pretty sure Rex’s isn’t considered one of the places the cool kids go. I heard about that party that happened two days ago yesterday, so that was… a bit late for me to attend. Did you make it? Was it any good?” Cairine’s blush was deepening by the moment as Victoria touched her blouse. Yes. Definitely flirting. “I’d love if you came by the club… maybe I could take you down there one day when I’m not working?”

"The party was crowded and messy, but I had a good time. Probably not a lot more fun than your club on a Friday night, though." A very good time, in fact, and I wish I'd been able to have a better one, but that's a whole other conversation we don't need to have. Victoria felt her grin turn a little crooked for a moment, but then Cairine's blushing offer caught up to her and she couldn't resist a warm little chuckle as she leaned against the bar and casually ran her fingers through her own hair with just enough deliberate nonchalance to be provocative.

Not that you're having fun playing with the girl's eyes or anything, Vic. She buried a giggle behind her cup as she took another sip of coffee and pretended to consider the question at length, toying idly with the zipper of her sweatshirt before deliberately setting the cup down and leaning in close enough for her breath to lightly brush Cairine's cheek. "If you wouldn't mind showing me around your club, I'd certainly be grateful to get to see it with an expert. I imagine we could have a lot of fun together that way."

"I'm glad you had a good time." Hair. Wow her hair. Silk and… overused metaphor city, Cairine. Obsidian. Obsidian spun into threads… I wonder if the dwarf could have done that. I'd likely trade something valuable to have that hair to run my fingers through… She blushed at her own thought - oddly, that thought more than the earlier one involving Victoria's nudity. Though the idea of Ashley running through the woods searching for the evil dwarf and yelling his name is entertaining. Why does my mental image of Rumplestiltskin look like a tiny version of Adam? Was there a fairy godmother in that story? If not, I'll add one, and it'll be Kitty. With the evil queen played by the girl who scared Adam away. "I'd like that… to take you to the club and show you around." Please, Victoria, don't lower that zipper. Not unless you're going to lower it all the… damn it! Back to that again. No, Rumplestiltskin isn't working any more. Um… wow, not even that creepy Burger King guy can clear that image out of my mind. "And… to have fun together." Well, there we go. You flirted. Like an amateur, but what do you expect. You ARE an amateur.

"Then it's a date." Victoria knew damn well that was going to get her another blush, and Cairine didn't disappoint her. This time she didn't even try to hide her smile. 'Yeah, I know that thought,' that curve of her lips said, 'and I like it. Bet you will, too.' She let a breath out, slowly, eyes sparkling impishly as she absently ran her fingers through another half-curl of her hair. "How about you give me a call the next time you have a day off, and we'll set it up?"

She palmed a flat black touch-phone out of her pocket and tapped at it a moment, then turned it over and pressed it in to Cairine's hand - not quite able to resist the temptation to run her fingers over the line of the other girl's wrist in the process. "Just type in your number, and I'll always be able to get a hold of you when I want you."

You're being bad again, Vic. Really, really bad. The poor girl's going to start foaming at the mouth any minute.

She caught herself grinning in the mirror, and the expression was utterly unrepentant. I know. It's pretty fun, though.

Cairine gasped - actually gasped! - at the touch of Victoria's hand on her wrist, and felt a tremble go through her body. Nice fingers, too… warm and strong. Daring. Sexy. Strong… no, already hit that. Perfect bone structure… she's going to be beautiful her whole life. Now I've obviously gone mad; I just met this girl and I'm picturing how pretty she'll be when she's forty. It's not a bad image, though… She took the phone and entered her number, marking her name down as "Cairine♥♀."

Well, if she hasn't gotten the message already… that'll get it to her. I hope. Amazed I could type that on a phone… I just tried it. "I'm off night after tomorrow." She blushed again, seeing herself still staring in the mirror. Cairine stared at her companion again, unable to help herself, impaled on the other girl's natural, confident beauty. Should there be another adjective there? "Would that work for you? And… yes, feel free to call me. Or want me. Any time." It wasn't until after the words came out that she realized she'd reversed the order of some of them in rather an embarrassing way.

"Oh, I think I will." Victoria's grin just seemed to widen at Cairine's little verbal trip-up, as if she picked up on the implicit invitation and didn't mind it a bit.

You just met this girl, you know, and she goes to your school. Could get awkward. The voice of what she suspected was her good sense sounded more than a little exasperated with her by now, but it wasn't nearly as persuasive as the way Cairine's blush made her look entirely kissable. She works in a club - she can't be that unused to attention. Besides, it's not like she isn't meeting you more than half way, so no harm and no foul, right? She took the phone out of Cairine's hand, glancing at the entry and grinning a little to herself at the old style icons, then leaned over on pure impulse and kissed the other girl's cheek with a light brush of her lips that left her breath a warm caress across Cairine's ear. "Night after tomorrow sounds good to me. I'll give you a call, and you can tell me where to pick you up so we can have ourselves a really good time."

Cairine blushed deeply, her eyes closing as a quiet sound escaped her mouth at the soft, warm lips on her cheek and the warm breath that danced over her skin. She stammered for a moment at Victoria’s words before managing to answer. “Well, then… night after tomorrow.”

“I’ve got a run to do, and it looks like you’ve got a meal to eat.” Victoria pushed up from the bar, leaving a couple of dollars for her coffee, and scooped up the breakfast sandwich on her plate as the waitress finally turned up with her order. She stood over Cairine a moment more, eyes sparkling, then reached down and softly ruffled the other girl’s hair with her fingers and threw her one more impish wink. “I’ll be looking forward to seeing the club… and you.” Bad, bad, bad. All sorts of bad, and you’re enjoying it to.

Cairine had thought she couldn’t blush any deeper, but at that playful, intimate touch, she discovered a new depth to her ability to turn red. She wasn’t sure that her murmured goodbye even got out of her lips, but she found herself feeling startlingly jubilant. I have a date! The old door bell’s chime even managed to sound celebratory as Victoria slipped out, flashing a final grin over her shoulder, an echo of the thought. I have a date!

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