Spoken With A Smile

OOC Date: June 5, 2010
IC Date: June 5, 2010

Tulson's Cliffs

Every town has one. A place outside of the cities limits set aside and well know by local youth as ‘that place to be’. The ground is beaten down and littered with beer cans and fast food wrappers, while a charred stone lined pit proves that more than a few people have lit a bonfire in the past few weeks. This small area, settled along beachfront cliffs, provides the local teen community with a place to party outside of the watchful eyes of the law. Too bad it's not public property.

Summer pounds down upon the shoulders of Seaside’s residence a little heavier each day, bringing with it the drum of the ocean and the growing warmth of a summer sun set high overhead. It’s easy, sometimes, to forget that there remains a little more than a week + of school before the official tourist season starts. It is, perhaps, just the charm of the sun and surf.

Of course, the night is a completely different thing.

Tucked away outside of the town, the resident youth have flooded from the cities street lights and properly structured parental events for a small taste of the upcoming few months. Down the dirt road and back again, settled within the clearing on a cliff resting high over the rocky shores of a long lost California beach, the party roars with all the ferocity of the newly fueled bonfire in the center of the way.

Trucks have been backed in toward the fire, their tailgates down and their radios blaring, creating such a mishmash of music that it officially constitutes as noise pollution. Thanks to the several well iced down coolers settled in the truck beds, there’s little worry to such things.

Teens, high school and college alike, wander from vehicle to vehicle, socializing and prowling for the nights sure thing, while some settle happily upon rock, ground, or stump to laze among the giggles and whispers as they enjoy the cool night air and the growl of adolescents on the breeze.

Teague, of course, is well on his way to having an enjoyable night. That means, naturally, that he can be found doing exactly what he always seems to be doing. Texting. It’s an almost shameful addiction really. His sister has been kind enough to point it out time and time again. Despite this, the young man remains firm to the idea that speaking to people in text vastly outweighs the trouble of speaking to them in person. Especially when what you have to say is both important and unpleasant. And whatever the topic of text discussion is this night, it must be bother, since the boy can be found searching rather grumpily for cell service.

Nothing from the ground. Nothing from the truck bed. No, Teague can be found standing on the cab of his friends truck, his cell phone held out as she glowers at the night sky, his teeth clinched as the phone beeps lowly that dreaded noise. That ‘no service available’ noise.

“3Gs all over my ASS!”


Amidst the various occupants and night time party goers, one could expect one or two people to make a fashionably late entrance or so. But no one, probably NO ONE could expect to see what is rounding the way and coming to join the mass of cars and drunken debauchery and irresponsible youth, a pair of halogen bright headlights beam ahead and blind a few party people, drawing their attention to the sweet and expensive looking Harlequin paint job of the 2010 Hyundai Tiburon with the license plates that read 14U2NV. As the vehicle begins to slow and pass the gathered, the chameleon paint pulls off it beautiful effect. It's mystical yellow coloring changing to a funky looking purple with a few other colors mingling among the mix, depending on the angle in which one looks at the thing. It's a sleek and entrancing little number that belongs to one and only one person at Seaside High.

What is /she/ doing here? This ought to be good.. The princess has stepped outside of the safety of her castle, and judging by the looks of the second head of what appears to be blonde hair sitting in the passenger seat, it would seem she is without her two guardians, the dynamic duo of Dean and Benton. The Triad has been divided, leaving the bright little kingdom of Kerrington for the darker portions of the lands, where those of her quality and breeding very seldom dare to tread.

She parks.

"You're totally not serious.." Ashley argues with the girl sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle, while the dark haired girl takes a look around at all of the miscreants and rogues that stumble about, making fools of themselves and the ones who have locked eyes on the fancy ride that has just joined their band of merriment. "You are /not/ serious, Jessica, REALLY?" Ashley whips her head around to glare holes into the blond girl, squinting her eyes into a disbelieving narrow, while her jaw moves in a subtle little set, indicating her growing vexation.

"It's just for a minute, okay? Just to see if he's here and have one drink. ONE, I promise." The blond girl starts to reach for the door and open it, only to have the wrist nearest to Ashley get snatched up firmly and yanked toward the and away from the door leading to egress.

"Jessica! I consider you a friend, right? And we are supposed to value each others opinions as friends, right? Well as your friend, I have to say, this little path of rebellious destruction that you're pulling with your father? Not cute. You need to snap out of whatever little grudge you have going and pull yourself back to where you belong before you lose touch and find yourself voted off the island." Ashley speaks her possible threat with a voice of dictation and nearing cold command, turning her harsh look upon the blond Junior angel who is starting to fall from grace.

"Oh, Ash, it'll be FINE. Just ONE drink, okay? Just one, I promise.. I'm totally gonna break up with him tonight. Right in front of everyone. I promise!" the girl pulls her arm away from the dark haired girl, and opens the door, stepping out, quickly closing it to go join the crowd.

"Jessica! Wait, Jessica!" The door shuts, "Merde.." she curses in French under her breath and sighs, looking in her rear view mirror, to catch a glimpse at some of the gyrating bodies which make her sigh. She adjusts herself, checking her hair, her make-up and her general air of superiority. The key is not to show them who is in charge. That is how she rules. "Okay. Here goes.." she psyches herself up, and reaches to open the door, taking her keys with her and closing it, hitting the automatic locks.

She is wearing a tennis skirt, both expensive and stylish, along with a thin strapped blouse, both of a mixture of reds and blues, with her bracelets and designer earrings. Not atypical of a mode of dress for Ashley, she had just planned on going out. Even if 'out' didn't include here and now.

She moves to search for her friend who seems to have disappeared. One drink and a break up, huh? Ashley’s intuition knows better. She'll be locking lips with the loser in 60 seconds flat of finding him, forgiving whatever transgressions he might have pulled, other than being a complete vagabond and a tarnishing star upon her friend's otherwise shining status, in Ashley's book. She's gonna have to end up cutting her off. Oh well, she can get other friends.

Completely oblivious of the arrival of the sports car, the argument between the friends, or the approaching stalk of the self-proclaimed Princess of Seaside, Teague Edwards remains fixated on the task at hand. To keep his balance, and to find that one blasted place upon this godforsaken truck cab that his phone will have service.

He steps to the left. He steps to the back. He steps forward and then, with a small stumble of blurred motor skills and inebriated balance, he steps to the right. He steps to the right, and directly into a discarded cup of beer.

It’s not pretty, the slip and tumble that happens next. The beer spills, his foot slips, and two things happen in the blink of an eye. Teague crashed with a loud *thud* into the bed of the truck, and the freshly toppled cup spins into the air, sending a spray of suds and drink onto the nearest passing person. That nearest passing person just happens to be Ashley.

Ashley sees two colors. The first of which is black, which comes from the tight wincing of her eyes in reflex to the beer flying to tarnish her perfect outfit, and create a small bit of a spectacle that has people snickering and laughing at her discourse. Speaking of discord, that brings the second color she sees, which is a deep shade of red. It starts as speckles in the darkness of her clenched eyes and it continues to a full blown 'grrrr' when she opens them, centering in on the source of her minor humiliation.

"Edwards.." the name leaves her lips with flaming venom through clenched teeth and tight lips. Her eyes squinting down into a dark narrow that could just shoot laser beams of deadly force if she were able. Not once has she called him by his first name to his face. A first name would give him a recognition as more than how she sees him. Perhaps most girls look at Teague and are swayed by his bad boy swagger and good looks, but they irritate Ashley, almost to no end. She can't explain why, but she would like nothing more than to shackle him and lock him in the dungeon for the simple transgression of being.. Teague.

"Why am I not surprised?" She recovers quickly. So she's covered in beer, that just makes her even more delicious at such an event than she originally arrived. Ever hear of body shots? But there are more important things to deal with now.. Like certain miscreants to remind of their place.

Ashley gives her head a quick jerk, flinging her hair back over her shoulder, which has gone untouched— thank god— by the beer. "Flat on your back, boozed off of your butt, in the back of a truck. The only thing that's missing is the barefoot bimbo with a bruise on her face and your spawn swollen in her belly, and we've got a perfect picture of your future." Her head tilts, her brows lift and her face is filled with the pretty poison so deftly delivered from her lips with a sarcastic smile.

"God.." she rolls her eyes, hands on her hips as she turns away from the boy, "Where -is- Jessica, so we can get /out/ of Losersville? Edward's presence has just taken this party from typically lame to 'Probably-a-good-idea-to-leave-before-the-cops-show-up'." she sighs, scanning the crowd for her friend.

Annoyed, she reaches down and pulls out her Droid phone, scrolling through the phone list, bringing up the name of Ben and Dean, and firing off a quick text message. 'Jessica. Stand by to classify her as a lost cause. She's a pinch away from pissing me off. One word. Edwards. Call you later.'

Ahh the angry sounds of a woman in heat. Or, maybe those are the angry sounds of a heated woman. It’s no doubt a question for the ages.

“Ashley Kerrington.” Sitting up Teague wastes no time pegging the identity of the bellowing girl, though training his eyes on her, the teen finds it very hard to hold back his tongue and the barrage of insults building up behind it. “I didn’t realize we had royalty among us. Take time out of your busy schedule of impersonating a lady? Or were you just excited to have an excuse to get daddy dearest’s cock out of your mouth that you didn’t care where you were going?”

It’s not exactly a secret out either feels, though while Ashley seems to have a personal problem with the boy himself, his issues flow much deeper and into a much broader spread of disinterest.

Standing in the bed of the truck, he doesn’t waste much time arguing with her own rash of flying insults, instead he seems contempt to chuckle and wade through the seated teens on the tailgate to free himself o the truck completely. At least his landing is more graceful than the tumble into the bed a few moments earlier. Getting ground level also lets him tower over the arrogant girl for an apprising look and a shrug. He also turns his back to her to give the crowd a scan, presumably to give her texting a little room to breathe. “Anyway….it was an accident. Get over yourself. And stop making that face. You look constipated.”

Ugh. He always has such nerve. To think that someone such at Teague would dare to talk to HER like that. But such is the modus operandi of such a social barbarian.

His insults are met with the usual tight lipped glare that dictates and nearly demands that he should be carted off and flogged. Now if only she could get someone to achieve the act… She'll work on it. Though with her back to him, it would be difficult to see. Finally, she comes to turn around and face the heathen, "Charming as always." she smirks in a condescending manner, which shifts into an annoyed sneer. "Shouldn't you be.. I dunno.. behind bars? Or on top of the latest loose lady that will spread her legs for the first thing that tosses her a charming smile?" Her brows lift again, "If you wait a second, I'll introduce you to Jessica. Seems she's into slumming a little bit these days. Might as well help her hit rock bottom." Such a nasty little comment. But Jessica deserves it. Because of her, she has to endure the presence of -Edwards-. If she could possibly get them together, then she can be rid of the now troublesome girl, AND Edwards in one move.

When he comes to stand before her, the girl takes a step back as not to catch whatever it is that he has. Or by some slim chance, get infected by whatever it is girls seem to find attractive about him. Fortunately for Ashley, she has the distinct privilege of being bred properly, which has thus far has made Teague's allure have the opposite effect on her. "Whatever. You /are/ one big accident, but that is besides the point. Since you're standing here, being you, you can help me look for my friend. Jessica Raine, she's about 5'4", blonde, green eyes, pretty, and a junior. You've probably seen her hanging around us at some point or another. She's here with plans on breaking up with some low life that she had been skuzzing around with in an effort to return her to the good graces she thinks she rightfully deserves." Ashley shrugs, "Quite frankly, in a matter of 120 seconds, I've almost decided to just leave her here to whatever dingy fate she has decided for herself, and find something better to do with my time.. Such as wash my hair." she looks over at Teague, deciding he would be better put to use in assisting her in getting out of this little gathering so that they could stop irritating each other. "And don't try giving me any of that lip you're so famous for? The quicker you can help me find her? The quicker we can get away from each other."

Teague watches the girl as she carries on, his back resting against the truck behind him as his arms move to cross loosely over his chest. For the moment, he merely watches the girl through an expression of half lidded disinterest. Looks are possibly the fourth most important thing he looks for in a girl, she has looks, unfortunately she plummets to the bottom of the ladder of interest when it comes to the other three.

Catty comment after catty comment goes unnoticed after a while, his eyes fixed on his cell phone as he punches lazily at the buttons. Despite not having the best signal on earth, his location, oddly enough thanks to the mini-terror before him, has granted him with a few bars, allowing him to send a text or two. He’s not so distracted though that he doesn’t lift a hand eventually to stop the girl, or at least make the final seconds of her self-important rant that much more awkward and uncomfortable. He opens his hand wide to spread his fingers, which he counts down slowly a few seconds later.

“One, it’s difficult to arrest someone who knows as many dirty secrets as I do. Two, I am really not nearly as interested in sluts as people like to pretend. Three, I would consider a self-important attention whore a much bigger mistake than myself. Four, I COULD help you, but I really could give a flying *bob* about your happiness. Five, I delight in the fact that unlike some haughty princesses, my friends actually *like* me, and you’ve just made an example of just how shitty of a friend you really are. You really can’t hide the fact you’re a selfish bitch. I like that. It gives the rest of us hope that when some kid gets sick of bellowing whores at school you’ll be one of the first ones with a bullet in your temple.” Turning back to gives a glance toward the crowds, his lips twitch into a deep smile, timed perfectly to the soft hum of his cell as a text arrives and low…a look of impeccable delight crosses his features. Someone knows were Jessica is. Someone that flicks a rather smug and overly theatrical bow to the girl before he turns away. “Enjoy slumming up. Let’s just hope no one runs you down with a car while you’re here.”

No. He. Didn't…

God! This is why she HATES him so much! He riles her to such heights of irritation the likes that no one else can achieve! He's a criminal, a bit of a jerk, and what else.. Oh that doesn't matter. She is sure she can find /something/ else to find repugnant about him. Just right now, she finds herself to be a bit distracted. Partially by anger, partially by wanting to find Jessica and then there is that little selfish aspect that Teague had been so kind to mention. Perhaps, she was slightly some of those things that he called her. But A) She wasn't /that/ bad.. not by her standards, and B) She didn't need someone like HIM pointing those out.

This just won't do. He will /have/ to be dealt with.. Which she would set Dean and Benton on the path to his destruction, she had better things to do. But for now? A proverbial slap in the face was needed, without her having to dirty her hands by touching him. So, as one of the party goers passes by her with a cup of beer, Ashley takes it upon herself to take it away from the guy, as if it belonged to her. Step one completed, she initiates step two, which consists of her tossing the contents on Teague from behind, since he decided to turn his back on her, and he didn't apologize for his 'accident' before.

"Screw you, Edwards.." she snaps at him, viciously, whirling around and breaking out her cell phone yet again. She'll fix his wagon, if it's the last thing she does. "Better start charting some of those dirty secrets.. You might be needing them soon."

Feeling the sudden splash of …something against the back of his neck, Teague pauses at the sudden sensation. He also sets his jaw, closes his eyes, and takes a slow deep breath before he emits a soft sigh into the air. “Hmm. Classy as boxed wine, aren’t you?” His eyes narrow toward her for a moment, but with the sudden realization of her expression, his own grows slowly toward amused. In fact, seconds later his lips part as he emits a faint chuckle into the air. “Aren’t you cute with that unnecessarily massive ego of your’s. Save your threats, much more important people have tried, but it’s adorable that you think you have some kind of control over these types of situations.” Really, the idea that a high school junior could do something grown business men can’t does strike him as funny. It’s also entertaining to no small end. “Maybe you can send those egg head brothers of yours after me. I haven’t had a nice fight in..oh I dunno, weeks.” His shoulders tense in a slow, easy shrug.

At least, for the moment Teague seems content to leave the conversation. He even turns to once more salute the self-proclaimed princess before he turns on his heels. “Have fun finding your friend. I’ll give you a hint. You’re cold.”

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