What Seaside California lacks in high rises and rolling hills filled with multilevel malls and boundless shopping center with makes up for in class and charm. Resting in one of the few areas where poverty is almost extinct, few people in this ocean lined little paradise understand what it is to want. Unfortunately where millionaires play and money talks, these closets hold countless skeletons. Still, despite the secrets and scandal, the town is divided up just as the social ladder demands. The Seaside community consists of four main neighborhoods.

$$$$$ Sunset Cove
$$$$ North Haven
$$$ Palm Grove Townhouses
$$ The Fens
All Other

Naturally there are other neighborhoods within the city, however these are considered the primary residential areas. Should the population of the game increase areas will be added.

The # of $ to the left of a community indicates it's Residents Income Status/Resource Status, 5 being the highest, 2 the lowest. It is realistic for residents to life 1 higher or lower than their actual income.

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