Tulsons Cliff
Type Hot Spot
Status Private Property
Owner Robert Tulson (NPC)


Tulson's is, by no small account, the place to be if trouble is to be found. Perched on the edge of Seaside's cliffs just outside of the city limits, Tulson's Cliffs is little more than a small cliff-lined field of beaten down grass, discarded beer cans, and a makeshift fire pit. Still, teenagers will be teenagers and the cliff sees countless parties and steamy parked cars throughout the weekends and school breaks. Officials know about the cliffs, however, many attempts to bust the teens has really done nothing to discourage them.

Location Details

Event Date Information
Spoken With A Smile June 5 A late night kegger turns into a battle of the tongues when the ego of Ashley Kerrington clashes with the arrogance of Teague Edwards.

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