Type Dance Club
Status Open for Business
Owner Trish & Paul Blaine
Hours Thurs-Sat, 8pm-1am


Having opened in the early months of 2004, Skins has grown quickly to become one of the most visited destinations in Seaside among the 15-19 age community. Fitted with wild, edgy interior and a simple, eye catching exterior, the club with its loud music, tasty nonalcoholic drinks, and posh reputation remains the envy of many folks too old to enjoy the environment.

Owned and operated by Trish and Paul Blaine, a local family of club owners, the business first began as a gift to the growing tourist community. Providing a place for vacationing teens to spend their parents cash, as well as a place for local teens to enjoy a safe environment without sparing the fun a party life can bring, the Blaine’s have become beacons in the community for their strong anti-drug campaigns. Of course, that goes to show just how much the Blaine’s know about their little business venture. It’s no secret among the teens of Seaside that certain individuals hang out at the club and deal specific candies of choice. So far, thanks to the code of conduct the youth carry these days, the officials remain blissfully unaware of the activities.

The allowed age range for Skins is 15-19, with proper ID, be it drivers licenses of school ID presented at the door.

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