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Who? Her? THAT'S Ashely Kerrington. One of the elite of Seaside. Her family is pretty well known, they've donated a lot of money to the school, being alumni and everything. Whenever Ashely wants or needs something big? You can expect a generous donation from the Kerringtons to follow, ensuring that she gets her way. Look at her, she looks like she's carved right out of cream cheese. She pulls off the Little Miss Perfect thing so well. The faculty LOVES her, and she's actually kinda -nice-, in that subjugating monarch kinda way. You probably can't pin one single flaw on her. It's not that you probably couldn't find any? It's just that she's one of those sparkling diamonds that it'll just roll off of her and end up coming off as part of her 'wow' factor. Not to mention? She's the sister of Dean and Benton Kerrington. They're all like, apart of their own little country or something, and everybody wants to be an immigrant. Yeah, she's apart of THAT clique. If they don't talk to you first, don't bother. Date her? Yeah.. Good luck with that one. Incredibly uptight father, and boys are either too afraid to so much as speak to her, or not good enough. Label her as one of the: Don't-Even-Think-About-It girls.

Character Details

Ashley was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is a daddy's girl to the core, and she walks through life as if she were princess to the throne of England. She's outspoken, charming, expressive and talented in many aspects. She is what one might call an over-achiever. When Ashley does something, she usually aims straight for the top and usually gets it through skill, or if that doesn't cut it, money. She can come off as a bit snooty at times, and is clearly the girl from the right sight of the tracks. She's: pretty, smart, assertive, rich and even a bit charming when she really wants to be.

Ashley was born into a family of old money. One of the many upper-class WASP legacies with roots deeply set in California. The Kerrington family is pretty well known, as all generations of her family claim SH as their Alma mater. The Kerringtons are generous donating alumni, and one or two athletic heroes. Ashely is the youngest of 3 children. Her brothers Dean and Benton are 1 year her older, and are twins.

From the very beginning, Ashely was her father's little girl. He cherished, dotted and spoiled her to no end. He spared no expense in seeing that she got everything that she wanted or needed. She was always a bright, talented girl, and she was crafted to be a lady in all aspects. The Kerringtons come from a long line of stock holders, company board members and politicians, yet not a single one of them really has to work hard at anything if they don't see fit to.

Ashely was always a slight cut above the rest of her family. She was adventurous and she wanted to make something of herself. Her only problem lied in the fact that she had no idea what that something was. So she decided to try anything and everything that could exalt her and stay true to her family name.

She took: ballet, horse riding lessons, attended refining school, learned to play the cello, and charmed people at the country club and family formal events. She took to mathematics like a fish to water, and she was actually skipped a grade in elementary. Putting her in the same class as her two older brothers.

Family life at the Kerringtons was everything one could expect from an upper crust family. There were several social gatherings and events and hob-knobbing with others. Her first three years at Seaside, Ashley quickly snatched up a seat at the top of the social food chain, along with her brothers who were told to watch out for her by her doting father. She always got good grades, took a seat as student council president every year, took up tennis, swimming and even a got in on the National Honor's Society.

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Name Relation Notes
Dean Edward Kerrington III The Crowned Prince Of the noble triad of Kerrington, Dean would be the dictator, on a different level than Ashley. As the eldest of the Kerrington Clan, a great bit of family responsibility and social expectation falls upon his shoulders. Dean is the problem solver and leader, Dean makes one half of the mighty fists of the Kerringtons.
Benton Worthington Kerrington II Brother Dear Of the two twin brothers, Ashley is closest to Benton in terms of emotional connection. While Dean is there for her, Benton is the sibling that Ashely can generally go to with any problem and seek comfort if she really needs it. Also, if she doesn't quite feel like dealing with Dean, Benton is the best bet to get her point across.
Dean Edward Kerrington II Father Seaside alumni and a loving father of 3, Dean Junior is proud of all three of his children, but he dotes upon his daughter the most. Daddy's little princess, and always his little girl. On one side he knows she is a responsible, intelligent girl, but on the other hand, fathers don't like to admit it when their daughters are able to run their own lives. It means that they become spectators. He has a hard time letting go, yet he will always step up to provide almost anything she desires.
Patricia Kerrington Mother Patricia was Dean's high school sweetheart. She is a Seaside alumni and trophy wife. She has a very loving relationship with her daughter, though seems to me more close to her sons than anything else. While her father would be the disciplinary figure of the household, Patricia has a softer touch, and is often the hand that stills her husband.
Dean Edward Kerrington Sr Grandfather An alumni of Seaside, Dean Sr. was the track and football hero of his time. He does take time out of his busy schedule to lavish some attention or expensive gift upon his grandchildren, and he makes it a point to always attend every single event that they have between the three of them.
Charline Kerrington Grandmother Charline Kerrington is a lady in every aspect. She is an excellent role model for her granddaughter in both style and substance. She makes everything that she does look like a sparkling diamond, and she is always there for anything the three of them may need.


Near the end of Sunset Cove, the Kerrington estate is a rather decent sized Tudor style mansion, 55-rooms, 46,000 sq ft, sits on 16 acres of land. Complete with the luxuries that keep the entire Kerrington family and it's guests happy. A pool with a pool house, A garden with a hedge maze, and a huge garage for all of the Kerrington vehicles. They possess a reasonable sized staff, and the whole house is about 3 stories in height.


Ashley's baby is a 2010 Hyundai Tiburon with a modified interior and a Harlequin paint job. She loves her car, just as much as she likes her other material things, and she rides around in it like it's the best thing on earth. With her specialized license plates of 14U2NV.


Ashley's other two babies are a pair of champion, pure breed Great Danes named Duke and Lady. She hand picked them out of two litters when she was just a bit younger, and she has raised them from a pair of pups. The dogs are very obedient, having been given the finest training and care, and are very loyal to the family. Though a bit spoiled by Ashley who's bed they sleep at the foot of.

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