Maintaining Club & Class Pages

Club and Class pages, like character pages, are created by staff. If you find that one is missing please contact staff to have it added.

Class Rosters

Should be up to date upon approval of your character. If you notice that your character is not in the class roster for a class that they should be, please contact staff.

Club Membership

If you are a member of a club and your name is not listed in the list on it's wikipage simply add the corresponding tag to your character page:

Art Club - art-club

Astronomy Club - astronomy-club

Campus Ministry - student-ministry

Campus Newspaper - campus-newspaper

Chess Club - chess-club

Creative Writing Club - creative-writing-club

Debate Team - debate-club

Drama Club - drama-club

Math Club - math-club

National Honor Society - national-honor-society

Pep Squad - pep-squad

Photography Club - photography-club

Recycling Club - recycling-club

Student Government - student-government

Yearbook - yearbook

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