Forum Guidelines
  • Respect is mandatory for all players, admin, and guests. This game will not tolerate anything less than just that. If you are caught being disrespectful towards anyone, regardless of the means, be it email, on boards, or in private messaging, we will delete your characters and remove you from the game.
  • This is a High School based RPG therefore we expect the actresses/models chosen to represent your characters to look their age. The admin do not want to see a character coming in claiming to be a junior with a PB who is in their thirties. Admin have the right to refuse a PB choice.
  • Everyone knows that the worst thing in a RP game is people who post nothing but short 1 and 3 liners. Don't be afraid to pose! Go ahead and take the time to write out a good pose. People are here to enjoy and be drawn into their stories, and most are perfectly happy to wait for a good, solid response with substance, rather than have rapid fire responses that they have to work hard to react to. In the end people will respond better to you and seek out more interaction with your characters if you put forth a valid effort in your poses. People who short pose (less than 5 lines) will get one warning in a discrete and respectful manner. If you still do not listen and make an effort to better your interaction, we will be forced to terminate your membership here. There will be no second warnings!
  • Admin do not wish to be character Nazi’s, however activity is a requirement that is not taken lightly. Players may have 4 alts (4 characters). Should a player want more characters they will need to speak to the admin. Those players that keep /all/ of their characters active will likely get approval for more. Those that have allowed a character to sit unused will likely not be approved. Admin will be watching the public threads carefully to make sure all characters are interacting publicly and are active. Do not bring a character in just to RP with one particular person and no one else (or even one particular group and no one else).
  • The admin are here to help you! We cannot stress that enough. Please, if you have questions or concerns, or even ideas, feel free to message admin with them. They have all been here since day one, so they should have absolutely no problem answering your questions or at least have the ability to point you toward the person that can.
  • Realistic Storylines are a must within this theme. Pregnancy seems to be the biggest one, and it’s not exactly creative seeing people butcher that concept into the ground. It takes longer than a week to have a baby, and guess what? Time moves pretty slowly here and admin will be making absolutely sure that your character carries her baby the full length of time. If you have no intention of RPing through the entire, miserable experience of teenage pregnancy then we strongly suggest you avoid this storyline all together. Also, teenagers that DO get pregnant ICly will not find a life for them and their baby free of consequences and money worries. No teens (regardless of the characters parents resources) will find themselves living in their own nice house with nice cars and their very own business to keep them afloat. It’s not happening.
  • Please be active. One post a week isn't active. Yes, we understand that people go on vacations and real life can deal hardships and trouble, however, there are ways to go about letting people know. Admin expect that players will go to the necessary lengths to tell them when they will be away for a while, otherwise the character might be removed for inactivity while they are away. It is not the admin’s responsibility to remember who said they would be away in conversation. If all else fails post your time of leave on the OOC Communications board.
  • This is a text-based game and we expect people to proof-read their poses and use proper punctuation before hitting enter. Use spell check! A mistake here and there isn’t a big deal, but please put some effort into your poses. Complaints of learning disabilities and sob stories will not get you off the line. There is a such thing as spell-check.
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