Detention Hall Assult!!!

Source: Seaside High Gossip Bee
IC Date: June 11

Girl 1: O.M.G! Did you hear about detention?

Girl 2: Please girl, schools been out for like a week! It’s so old news, but just for funs sake I’ll bite. What’s up?

Girl 1: *After a long glare* Ya know Ashley Kerrington, that super snob? She totally went psycho on Teague Edwards. I heard from Cody who was like, IN detention that day, that she came in acting all high and mighty and like totally went crazy on Teague. She was like, screaming and throwing things. I hear she hit him with a paperweight!

Girl 2: Well, ya know now that you mention it I haven’t seen him around much. Is he okay?

Girl 1: I dunno. I mean, Cody said he was bleeding when he left. They called his parents to come get him. Oh, I don’t know what I’d do if something bad happened to those big blue eyes of his! I’d just DIE.

Girl 2: Please, he’s a complete criminal!

Girl 1: A totally hot criminal.


Girl 1: you’re just made because he didn’t call you back that time.

Girl 2: Yeah well…he’s still a criminal.

Girl 1: And she’s a psycho.

Girl 2: Agreed.

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