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Ashley Owens, one word. Wild. She is known to be the fun chick. She's always been happy, but with an attitude. So they nicknamed her "The Little Spitfire." People sometimes ignore her, like the popular crowd. But another way that people know she exists is that they know that she doesnt take shit from anyone. She can destroy you, not with gossip. Literally destroy. Jkjk, but watch out. We've got a Little Spitfire on our hands. xD


Ashley is what I would consider to be a generally happy girl. She loves to have fun. She loves to succeed at anything that she is working on. For example, sports, Ashley takes great pride in her athletic abillity and the fact that, despite all of her extracurricular activities, she gets straight A's in school. Yes, Ashley is definetly a very focused girl.

She is also the kind of person who you can go to when you need to talk about something. She is a great secret keeper and is friendly to just about everyone she meets. Her downfall is the fact that she is stubborn and a little bit pigheaded.

Ashley is an extremely sarcastic girl. And pretty much any comment that can be taken sexually, her mind will recognize it and go gutter diving. But, she usually doesn't say anything if she notices it. She is super flirty but she really doesn't mean to lead people on.

She is absolutely terrified of saran wrap. She's scared that it is somehow going to get wrapped around her head and suffocate her. Her mom knows not to put saran wrap on anything that she was going to be eating, cause she pretty much freaks out. She also hates snakes.

Ashley is pretty much OCD when is comes to hygiene. She showers everyday, sometimes twice a day, and refuses to go out in public if she hasn't showered. Her face care regimen is ridiculous. She has an entire cabinet in her bathroom just for facial care. But that's all different if she's just hanging out around the ranch for the day. Then she's not as obsessive about her showers. If she showers every other day, she doesn't have a coronary, like she would if she was going out in public.

Ashley is an extremely stubborn girl. Her Uncle jokes that he could pit her against his most stubborn mule, and it would be a deadlock. Actually, he did that once, and it was a deadlock. She and her cousin, Raymond, often butt heads. Which amuses the whole family because they're both stubborn, and they both have tempers. Her temper is easily provoked and explosive. Her parents bought her a punching bag to deal with that and she took it to her aunt and uncle's ranch when she moved. She jokingly put a picture of her cousin on there.

Ashley Paige Owens was born on March 22 to Noelle & David Owens. Ashley was their second child and she was definetly more vocal than he older brother was. As she grew up they realized that they had a little fireball on their hands. She was always running around, always talking, always singing, always dancing. They enrolled her in sports as soon as she was old enough and she blossomed. She had something to transfer her energy into. Then she wanted to take acting, singing, and dancing lessons. When she hit high school she made it onto the varsity sports teams and acted in all of the school productions.

Ashley grew up as the perfect little girl. She was so innocent and sweet as a child and always had a nice thing to say about everybody. Her parents enrolled her in dance once she could walk, and she was taking riding lessons even before that. Ashley's passion for horses stems from her mother's background and her visits to her Uncle Alejandro's ranch over the summer. Alejandro was the one who really got her to love horses. Before she started spending the summer with him, she had simply thought of them as pieces of property. Things that were pretty to have, but once they couldn't compete anymore, they were useless. Well, Uncle Ale sure pulled Ashley out of that idea.

He taught Ashley that a horse is like a prize. That they are to be cherished and loved just as you love a human. He taught her that they have feelings too. Ever since she started spending a few weeks each summer at her uncle's ranch, she hasn't really fit in with the other girls at her high class stable. They all still have the mentality that horses are just objects to be used and discarded. Ashley now finds that mentality disgusting. She also doesn't fit in as much because most of the people there do eventing exclusively, while Ashley prefers both English and western events.

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Name Relation Notes
David Owens Father David is a police officer. He and Ashley are really close, but she just thinks he's over protective sometimes.
Noelle Owens Mother Noelle is an owner of a bakery in the center of Seaside. She and her daughter have an okay relationship, but you know they have their moments when they just burst.






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