Zoey Gabel
Portrayed By Julia Arielle
Full Name Zoey Dae Gabel
Birthday August 12
Age 16
Class Junior
Clique -
Position -
Sexuality Straight
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Character Details

She’s something of a dreamer, with too much of an independent spirit to be tied down by a regular routine. While she may attract many admirers, she’s not easily won over. As a real romantic, Zoey must be properly wooed and flattered before she will consider looking at anyone seriously.

Zoey firmly believes that change is the only constant in the world and tends to maintain an open and flexible point of view. She’s a strong young woman, holding a good sense of her own identity. Life is filled with many variations and possibilities, and she is enthusiastic about her adventures – exploring as many as time permits. She is well-rounded with many insightful thoughts that she is eager to share with others.

She’s a virtual walking encyclopedia with an abundant supply of facts at her fingertips. Zoey is very sociable, friendly and easy enough to get along with. She is clever, witty, and at times has given in to practical jokes. In school she does well and is actually passing with honors, though she doesn't seem too worried about grades. In fact, most of her attention is put into putting up fliers around the city - protesting the use of chemicals, the school - protesting certain policies and promoting recycling, among other things.


Name Relation Notes
Melinda Gable Mother (Deceased) Melinda Gable was a teacher for online college classes in Environmental Studies. She and Zoey got along rather well before her passing.
Edward Gable Father (Deceased) Edward Gable was once and up and coming reporter for city’s paper. He was a well known man, if only in name, and a respected member of the community. As for his relationship with his daughter, well most of his time was spent at the office.
Zak Gable Brother (Open) Zak Gable is barely eleven months older than Zoey. Being so close in age has both its pros and cons for their relationship. Sharing friends and classes can be difficult, but when push comes to shove they back each other up with hardly a question.

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