Benji Andersen
Portrayed By Jesse McCartney
Full Name Benji Ryan Andersen
Birthday August 7
Age 16
Class Junior
Clique Urban Athlete
Position Surfer/Student
Sexuality Straight
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Benji is known for two things. One, he’s a killer surfer, though really no one can expect much less from the boy considering his father’s line of work. Two, he’s rather philosophical at times, having earned himself the title of ‘The Confucius of Seaside’(a title he’s not always thrilled at hearing). Benji is a guy with charm, easygoing cool, and somewhat decent looks. He’s also, according to some, almost too nice a guy. It’s no secret Benji has never drank a drop in his life. Some say he has too much self-control. It can be a pretty bad thing sometimes.

Character Details

Ben is quiet to the extreme but has never failed to be a good guy to have at your back when things turn sour. A staunch friend whose sense of what's morally right and wrong had been something of a thorn in his side. Perhaps having parents who believe in 'free living' isn't always the formula for a party animal. Luckily, as he's aged he seems to have opened up far more and he has managed to find his niche… Albeit one amongst the 'epically sober' members of the community. Benji has the reputation to be a bit of a goody goody sometimes, if not often referred to as 'the Confucius of Seaside'.

That Other Stuff

Nonconformity can sometimes become a socially disastrous thing. Such is the VW Bus the twins drive around town. Sources close to the male surfer say that Loni had a larger hand in selecting the painted design that makes this ride rather famous along the Seaside coast, while others say Benji enjoys the attention the van gets them. Either way, there is no missing that ride.
Like the van, Benji’s entire world revolves around thinking outside the box. His home is no different. His mom, Mia, is known for her outrageous love for color and lack of interest in entertaining the mundane living experience most people are comfortable with. This is probably the reason Rob (his dad) and Benji live in a pink and purple beach house. The home has its advantages though. Water front, with a nice spread of sand and surf at his back door, you can’t deny the house has an enjoyable quality.


Name Relation Notes
Loni Andersen Twin Sister Loni has never failed to ground Benji when his head gets a bit to high above the clouds. She's the rock solid voice in the back of his mind reminding him that he is in fact the biggest 'stick-in-the-mud' in town. She also never fails to remind him why he hates inviting friends over.
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