Oliver Stone
Portrayed By Adam Gregory
Full Name Oliver Edward Stone
Birthday October 13
Age 17
Class Junior
Clique Popular Kids
Position Golden Boy
Sexuality Straight
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Every school has a golden boy. A student with a natural born affinity for a sport. Someone that makes good marks in classes, hails from money and status in the community. A student who has the looks and charm to find his place in the social circus of high school and still manage to wear a grin to class every day. At Seaside High, that student is Oliver Stone.

Stone is known for more than just his charm, good looks, and talent on the football field, but he's also known for his friendly disposition and his desire to remain the golden-child…by whatever means necessary. If that sounds contradicting then maybe you're finally catching on.

Character Details

Oliver was born into a world that most dream of. His father has worked his whole life making sure his precious two want for nothing and he continues to hammer away at his job to make sure that continues. This silver spoon lifestyle effects everyone, and even Oliver, a boy with a very open mind and a friendly outlook on life isn't immune to it's effects. He isn't rude. He's accepting of most people, and while he too falls victim to some of the more common prejudices of his status he strives (most of the time) to beat back the stuck-up jock stereotype. He doesn't always succeed. Most people that know Oliver also know that when threatened, he can become a very terrifying enemy. He's not immune to the desire to crack a few heads and he is even less willing to even consider dropping from the spotlight of the high school. Basically, he's a really great guy…as long as you worship him.


Name Relation Notes
John Stone Father John is one of the communities most successful business, which is not a title he takes lightly. Hailing from a family that is equally known for their ability to open successful companies and business, the golden touch seems to be genetic. It's a trait he hopes to pass on to his children. John is, outside of work, a loving and proud father, and while he might spent the whole time on his cellphone or laptop, he seldom misses a game of Oliver's or a show of Olivia's.
Kathy Rae-Stone Step-Mother Kathy is, without a doubt, the very definition of MILF, and it's a small tragedy that causes Oliver some grief with his classmates. Kathy is /much/ younger than John, a fact which gets looks, snickers, and rumors of it's own. It gets weird sometimes
Olivia Stone Twin Sister Olivia is the more well rounded of the twins. She is deeply into the theater, and is not shy about her future as a play-write and actress. She is also one of Seasides star performer's and has placed twice in the California's Young Thespians Competition.
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