Heather Gleeson
Portrayed By Selena Gomez
Full Name Heather Teelle Gleeson
Birthday February 7
Age 16
Class 10th (Sophomore)
Clique The Artists
Position Preachers Daughter/Theater Nut
Sexuality Straight
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Heather, or Glee as she prefers to be called, is a fixture in the schools theater department. Pretty sweet though. Never seems to have a bad thought about anyone. She’s always going on about love and acceptance. Kinda makes you wonder if she’s been living in a bubble her whole life. That or she might genially be one of the nicest people on the planet. Seriously. No one’s THAT nice!

Character Details

Glee has an enigmatic personality that can only be defined as ‘sunny side up’. Regardless of the hardships her life might hand, Glee remains optimistic that life will eventually sort the good from the bad and that sooner or later the world will right itself.

Glee is a diehard friend who will go to the most extreme ends to secure her friends happiness. She’s sensitive to a fault and has been known to cry like the school girl she is at sad movies and books. She’s a lover of all things cult, from Twilight to Harry Potter, right down to Care Bears and Ninja Turtles.

For as strong a friend as she is, Glee isn’t particularly very terrifying of an enemy. With the terror rating of a wet kitten, she’s much more sensitive to meanness than capable of dealing it out—unless of course, you corner a friend. Then she’s a somewhat more scary wet kitten.

That Other Stuff

Glee’s home is your average little, single family unit. Two floors, quaint and comfortable furnishings, and a very well cared for yard. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s home and she loves it.


Name Relation Notes
Marten Gleeson Adoptive Father Marten is a good father. As good a father as a Baptist pastor can be to an adopted teenage daughter with hopes to be a Broadway actress. Marten would rather have Heather spend her time working on her school work and less time indulging in a life dream that he feels will ‘damn her soul and open the floodgates of sin’. Still, Marten supports her on the smallest level. He attends her plays and praises her art. But that is about it.
Reba Gleeson Adoptive Mother Reba was elated the day that they received Heather. She is without a doubt the perfect mother and wife. Regardless of her husband’s dislike of Heathers choices and hobbies, Reba is ever the supportive mother, making all of Heathers costumes and spending hours sitting outside of rehearsals, auditions, and art classes. She never misses a play or lesson. While Reba loves her only child more than life itself, she’s having a very hard time with the effect that Glee’s teenage years have had on her husband.

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