Fiona Keller
Portrayed By Ashley Benson
Full Name Fiona Elizabeth Keller
Birthday February 12
Age 17
Class Junior
Clique Popular Kids
Position Cheer Tyrant #2/Student
Sexuality Straight
Residential Plot Page
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Character Details

If you offend Fiona, you will certainly know about it! Few people are foolish enough to be snide to her more than once, however, as she has a line of verbal assaults that can sting her victim and leave him or her sore for days. While her words can sting, Fiona is a brilliantly supportive friend always read to leap to someone’s defense. She has deep religious or moral convictions, and she applies these values to her friendships. Her pals know that they always have a place to stay and an ear to bend as long as they have Fiona in their circle.

Surprisingly enough, given the fact that her family comes from money further back than anyone truly cares to remember, Fiona isn’t incredibly materialistic. Sure, she blows her cash like any other teenager, but not nearly to the extent that she’s certainly able to. She and is a member of a number of charities (though that may be more her parent’s doing than her own). She’s serious, but she can also laugh at herself. Fiona might often find that although she understands others, she may not be equally understood in return. She frequently acts as an inspiration, a helper, and a guide.


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