Clair Grant
Portrayed By Sarah Ruba
Full Name Clair Renee Grant
Birthday September 27
Age 17
Class Junior
Clique Artist
Position Local Diva/Student
Sexuality Straight
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If defined by one word, the word chosen to represent Clair grant would be ‘unique’. Two words would be ‘blissfully unique’. With her own divalicious style, blooming artistic talent, a soulful voice built for Blues, and a father who can legally carry a gun, Sheriff Grant’s daughter is known for her quirky personality, open mind, and outrageous ideas of what acceptable self expression is.

It does not go without saying that the girl loves her life. She’s easily one of the best friends someone can make, and a truly terrifying enemy to those that cross her threshold of tolerance. And it takes /a lot/ to cross her. She doesn’t date much. Parties even less. And she tends to enjoy spending most of her free time in classes at Galley One or chasing her aspirations of becoming a diva, a rather than out of the beach…much to her brother Travis’s delight.

Character Details

Clair-bear is a girl of many loves. Life, art, self expression, her family, the beauties of nature…even school. All experiences are taken with wide open arms and explored. Perhaps this is what has lead to her rather ‘off’ reputation of being slightly strange. It doesn’t bother Clair however. She is a girl of passion, who lives for the mediums that make life interesting.

That Other Stuff

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Name Relation Notes
Ted Grant Father Ted is the local sheriff and the single parent backbone of Clair’s family. He’s a loving man and a firm believer in facing the consequences for ones actions. He refuses to bend the law for anyone, something that has put him in the line of political fire more than a few times. Ted does, however, have a spotless record and a lot of respect among the communities judicial system.
Travis Grant Brother Travis is older by 11 months, which makes the two nearly twins. They also couldn't be more different. For someone with an artistic sister Travis could care less about paints or clay and focuses instead on sports, girls, and parties. He's also a little bit of a troublemaker, but he means well. Clair goes to great efforts to keep him out of trouble, and if that means breaking her spiritual commitments to honesty to cover for him, well…she'll just have to make it up to the cosmos later.

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