Student Government

Student Government is much like being on the Social A-List. These students vote on the most important aspects of student life, from the themes of dances to the lunch menus changes. They control the funds of the classes, as well as hold a good relationship with the faculty of the school. There are 4 main seats of this club. Click Here to see last years Gov.

Council Leaders
President Open
Vice President Open
Secretary Open
Treasurer Open
Senior Leaders Junior Leaders
Open Open
Open Open
Open Open
Sophomore Leaders Freshman Leaders
Open Open
Open Open
Open Open

Despite this all grades, 9th -12th elect 3 individuals per grade to sit on the Student Government Council. One must be on this panel to be voted into a main seat. Elections are held in the second week of each new school year.

Staff Note:
Elections will be held during the first 2 weeks of the new school year. Characters should avoid trying to app into these positions as they must be voted on by the characters.


To add your name to the list of members for this club add the tag 'student-government' to your character page.

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