Ah, to be accepted, to be welcome by a group of peers who understand your interests and outlooks and don't judge you for them (mostly). Unfortunately, for some folks to feel accepted, it means that other teens have to be outsiders. After all, what's the use of being "in," if someone isn't on the outs?

Many teens divvy themselves up into cliques, and only a few can interact with two circles or more. These groups are your identity; sure, some aren't into the whole "follow us or become a pariah" mentality, but the popular ones are exclusive. Remember, "To become accepted, someone has to be an outsider." Few teens mess with this dynamic, because it's hard singling yourself out when you're already part of a group.

There are many types of cliques. These are the broader definitions for the cliques represented in this game.

The Popular Kids The Counter-Culture Teens The Delinquents The Artists
The Band Geeks The Brains The Hobbyists The Urban Athletes
The International Crowd The Slackers
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