Victoria Blackwell
Portrayed By Eliza Dushku
Full Name Victoria Elizabeth Blackwell
Birthday April 23
Age 16
Class Junior
Clique The International Crowd
Position Student
Employment at
Residential Plot Page
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Victoria is definitely a stranger in town, so she hasn't a chance to make much of a reputation for herself either way. Still, it's not going to take much effort for someone to find out (or guess) that she's a military brat from back East, and that's bound to set off some culture clash.

Character Details

Victoria is, first and foremost, a compulsive overachiever. Whether it's in her genes or something she picked up from her parents, she absolutely has to be the best at everything she tries. About the only thing that keeps it from being an insufferable habit is the fact that, for the most part, she knows how to take the edge off her competitiveness with a well-placed joke or a that's-just-me smile.

On first impression, Victoria can be more than a little deceptive. Short - only 5'5" - and attractive, she often tries to dress more trendily than the jacket and jeans she's most comfortable in, which makes it easy to mistake her for a diva. Anyone who makes that assumption is likely to find themselves on the wrong end of her not-inconsiderable temper. She's got enough drilling in Order and Discipline from her parents that she's not likely to start a fight, but she takes no mouth off of anybody except a teacher or other adult with authority she's conditioned to respect and is more than capable of withering sarcasm if provoked.

Still, she usually managed to be pretty charming. She mingles easily, but years of moving from one base to another and her East-Coast upbringing have given her a certain formality and reserve that will probably strike any native Californian as stiff or pretentious. Combined with the fact that she's smart, driven and doesn't suffer fools gladly, she can make enemies easily without even realizing it. On the other hand, someone who can get under her skin and bond with her will discover they can't find a better or more loyal friend.


Name Relation Notes
Margaret Kensington-Blackwell Mother At 39, Margaret Kensington-Blackwell is a Captain (O-6) with the Office of Naval Intelligence who has recently accepted a position at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, where she teaches several languages and some courses which are not on the official, unclassified syllabus. She also teaches in the School of International Graduate Studies at the Naval Postgraduate School, a few miles down from Seaside. A remarkably intelligent, driven woman and a natural polyglot (she speaks no less than eight languages fluently, and a spattering of several more), she considers being Victoria's mother every bit as much one of her duties as the work she does for the United States government, and approaches it with the same methodical determination. That her husband is so often absent because of his own work adds significantly to the pressure involved in the situation, but she -and Victoria - would say that they get by. It's a strict home environment for an only child, but not an unloving one.
John Carter Blackwell Father John Carter Blackwell, now 37, finished his degree at his Baltimore high school a year early so he could enter the Army at 17. He met Margaret Kensington in Washington D.C. a year later, married her a year after that, and two years after that they had their first - and, as it turned out, only - child. Victoria can hardly remember a time when her father was home more months of the year than he wasn't, and the last time she could talk about where he went on those assignments, she was five years old and he was the First Sergeant of a battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment. These days, when Mr. Blackwell comes home he wears a suit. The kinds of things he does haven't much changed.

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Finished Threads

Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Rituals July 9-11 July 9 In which introductions are made and distances traveled. - On her first real day in Seaside, Victoria goes for a run and meets an unexpected friend in the person of Daina Sakong.
A Meeting of the Utmost Eminence July 12 July 12 In which fate is tempted and unexpected guests are welcomed. - The Kates family arrives to welcome the Blackwells to the neighborhood. Combustion ensues.

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