Teague Edwards
Portrayed By Chace Crawford
Full Name Teague Cooper Edwards
Birthday September 8
Age 17
Class Junior
Clique The Slackers
Position Local Delinquent/Student
Employment Part-Time Mechanic at Rays Auto Shop
Sexuality Straight
Residential Plot Page
RP Prefs
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stars-0.jpg uninterested
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Two words, "Your Subjugation." Teague is no stranger to Seaside, but would rather carve his heart out with a spork than spend that much time among it's locals. He is, however, bound by circumstance to the area. He works at Delatine’s Garage (when he works), and can usually be found peddling illegal odds and inns out of the trunk of his car during school hours. Word on the street is that if you want something bad enough, Teague can get it for you…for the right price of course. From booze to fake IDs to get said booze, right on to concert tickets and more questionable substances. Don’t believe him? Ask your local law enforcement about his record.


Teague is a textbook case of potential going to waste. His priorities seem to find the farthest point opposite of what would be most constructive to his long term well-being and park themselves firmly there. He's managed to squeak by all his life on charm and smooth talking. At the core of his being is a very angry young man who seems to simply embrace that which life has handed him. A decently charmed existence and the ability to understand just how easily manipulated those around him truly are. He's the king of passive resistance, of exalting the achievement of some bare minimum by the narrowest of margins as some heroic virtue. Imaginative, insightful, maybe even clever, he's far from lazy, and at the slightest provocation can be motivated to great effort in pursuit of fun which usually results in destruction of private property or the disappearance of a few locals. When it comes to himself though, he's far too content to take what life gives him, or take what it leaves laying around as long as nobody's watching.

Teague drives a 1974 Pontiac Trans Am which was a gift from his father after he convinced his mother that he was capable of the responsibilities that driving includes. He's long since blown that promise to the winds, but so he maintains an active licenses with only a few minor (and occasionally comical) infractions. The car is known by students and law officials alike. Its a very locally-famous ride.
Teague ’s house is nothing truly special. Three bedrooms, living room, dinning, kitchen, study…garage. Seriously folks, upper-middle class isn’t that exciting.

Name Relation Notes
No Picture Available Mark Edwards Father It is the community opinion that Mark and Kathy do the best they can with a kid like Teague . Mark works as a local architect for a booming contracting company. Mark is a laid back and quiet man, content to turn a blind eye to Kathy's slight over-the-top disciplinary attempts.
No Picture Available Kathy Edwards Mother It is the community opinion that Mark and Kathy do the best they can with a kid like Teague . Kathy teaches music at the Galley One Art Institute. When she's not cramming classical elegance down the throats of her children, she's spending time fretting over Teague and his 'many problems'. A woman so tightly twisted is bound to snap at some point, and Kathy's occasional bouts of aggressive assertion over her son can sometimes reach disastrous pitches.
Sophie Edwards older Sister Sophie is her own person. She’s hardheaded, driven, and determined to live her life her own way regardless of the strained relationship her willfulness has created with her mother. Despite this awkward relationship, Sophie maintains a ‘daddy’s girl’ position with her father. She also enjoys a close (yet regretfully exciting) relationship with her brother, who she has had to come to the aid of on more than a few times.

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Finished Threads

Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Spoken With A Smile June 5, 2010 June 5, 2010 A late night kegger turns into a battle of the tongues when the ego of Ashley Kerrington clashes with the arrogance of Teague Edwards.
Rash Unreason & Ashley Kerrington June 11 - July 1 June 11, 2010 A simple day in detention results in a long talk about past, people, and philosophy only to end in bleed. Ms. Fry makes a short appearance.
Clash Of The Titans - Part 1 July 9 - 15 July 13 Part 1 - Teague stumbles across Ashley weeks after their last talk. With a mysterious broken arm and wounded pride, Teague lets Ashley have it, she lashes back, and the two…set a date. Sorta.

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