Tanner Bradley
Portrayed By Portrayed By Adriana Lima
Full Name Isabella Tanner Bradley
Birthday July 7
Age 17
Class Junior
Clique Popular Kids
Position Head Cheerleader/Student
School Seaside Academy
Sexuality Straight
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Tanner is the 'IT' girl of Seaside Academy. Long legs, perfect hair, flawless skin, head cheerleader, crowned Miss Seaside and Junior Miss California, there's little that happens on the lawns of the academy she doesn't know about, or have a hand in. Good grades and a shiny new car aid in her path for total high school domination. It doesn't help matters that she's a total tyrant when it comes to status and popularity. First the Academy, tomorrow the world!

Character Details

Tanner could easily be defined by the image of a pit viper placed in an elegant silk purse. Wrapped in beauty and richness, this venomous young woman stalks the halls and sidewalks of Seaside like a dictator marches against the wavering gazes of their subjects.

Spoiled. Snobby. Conceited. All understatements in definition to Tanner Bradley. Still, the girl somehow remains in tight control of her little troop of lackeys, as well as stands firmly in the ranks of popularity. She is known for her fashion and her things equally as much as for the sharpness of her tongue. Still, there are those that believe that below the strong, dominating exterior of the princess of Seaside, there is a young woman who wants nothing more than to feel as confident about herself as she puts on. And of course, there are those that believe below the strong exterior rests an equally evil interior. Who knows who’s right? She has her moments of remotely human behavior, after all.

The High Life

Tanner’s car was a gift for her 16th birthday and is a very treasured possession for the teenage tyrant. No one drives it, ever. And God help anyone that should scratch or dent the belovied vehicle.
The Bradley home is a community location. That of course meaning that there are more than a handful of parties held by the family each year, with only the most uppercrust and elite of the community invited. tanner is also host to many of her own parties with equally as elite guests lists.


Name Relation Notes
Edward Bradley Father Tanners adoring father and community staple Edward Bradley made his place in Seaside with the additions of two very popular locations. The North Beach Country Club and the Bradley Regal Hotel. These investments have settled Tanner’s family into a comfortable lifestyle that the teenage drama queen enjoys to its fullest extent. The unfortunate matter is that Tanner’s father has a very hard time telling her no.
Andrea Bradley Mother Tanner’s mother is the image of media socialite. She got her start as the local weathergirl. She got her riches when she married Edward and became a member of the Bradley family. Andrea is a very kind woman with a big heart, but she seldom has time for her two teenage daughters.
Allison Bradley Sister Allison is only 1 year younger than Tanner but the two couldn’t be more different. Allison doesn’t put as much stock in popularity and manipulation as Tanner, and makes no bones about the fact she thinks her sister is a hateful cow.

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