Sophie Edwards
Portrayed By Miranda Kerr
Full Name Sophie Sommer Edwards
Birthday October 19, 1992
Age 18
Class Senior
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality Straight
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Sophie isn't a stranger to Seaside, in fact Seaside is her home town and she's more than happy to be back in the midst of 'small town' life as compared to LA. Perhaps more notable than Sophie herself, is the fact that she's Teague's older sister. Something that could be considered and blessing or a curse depending on just who you ask.

Character Details

Sophie's personality is as complex as her childhood. She is an energetic creature, soft and quiet for the most part, but not without her own little edge of unmistakable spunk. She'll say what she means, and mean what she says, and while the rest of her peers might look down on her public admittance of religious acceptance, she carries herself proudly. Not one to party very hard, she doesn't seem to mind being the one holding a camera to enjoy the spectacle her peers can make.


Name Relation Notes
Mark Edwards Father Mark works as a local architect for a booming contracting company. Mark is a laid back and quiet man, content to turn a blind eye to Kathy's slight over-the-top disciplinary attempts.
Kathy Edwards Mother Kathy teaches music at the Galley One Art Institute. When she's not cramming classical elegance down the throats of her children, she's spending time fretting over Teague and his 'many problems'.
Teague Edwards
Little Brother Teague is the 'problem child' of the Edward's family. At only eleven months younger than Sophie they share a grade and occasionally friends. She enjoys a close (yet regretfully exciting) relationship with her him, and has had to come to his aid more than a few times.

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