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Who is Simone Says? That's a question that has haunted many a student. Simone Says emerged three years ago as a blog that was, at the time, titled 'The Seaside Slam'. Later as popularity grew and the site saw more and more traffic, the writer (who had called herself simple Simone), adopted the name 'Simone Says'. Since that day the blogger has managed to keep her identity unknown, much to the dismay of her fellow students. Naturally with such power comes great responsibly. Simone does not only trash, thrash, and destroy those that consider themselves above the rules, but she also defends the little men that would go undetected. Of course, few dare to defy the words of Simone Says and those that do find themselves on the bitter end of a 'Slam Session'.


June 12, 2010

Welcome fellow bloggers!

Who’s been good? Who’s been bad? Inquiring minds need to know. With the school year’s end nipping at our heels some people are getting lazy keeping up their facades! Uh-oh! Who’d I see you might ask?

Well, for one Adam Blake doesn’t seem too heartbroken over his recent breakup with none other than Miss Angelia Kates. The dumping was pretty epic by most people’s standards. The lashing of tongues had the couple center stage in the lunchroom where word got out about an all too chummy chat session between the star Lacrosse player and one of Seaside’s self-proclaimed royal figures, Ashley Kerrington. Of course, as most know that didn’t stop Adam from chatting up another girl a few days later before brandishing those bronzed abs on the beach where he was seen /yet again/ with the seaside princess! Come on now Adam. Go ahead and accept it! You’ve been kinged. Check and mate!

In other news and speaking of self-proclaimed importance, Miss Kerrington herself was spotted this past weekend frolicking it up at Tulson’s Cliffs with the towns very own future Americas Most Wanted contestant Teague Edwards! It came to verbal blows as the two battled it out before Kerrington left Edwards standing with a face full of draft. One Gossip Girl wonders just what Teague’s suspected girlfriend and local troublemaker Eli Winston will have to say about that? Impending catfight? Rash verbal dueling? Who knows?

What this noisy blogger does know is that things are just starting to boil, and unlike the saying goes, this watched pot seems to be boiling faster and faster as the week drags on! What does the future hold, and more importantly just who will falter first? I don’t know myself, but my money is on the golden boy.

Admin Note

Simone Says is controlled by admin and while we base much of the information on current threads and posted gossip, players should understand that much of what Simone Says blogs is done to encourage response RP and interaction! It is not all true! Of course most people should realize, neither is 90% of what is said in high school.

If you have a contribution to make to Simone Says you can PM her on the game, or contact an admin. Also, don't be afraid to step out of the box and post some gossip.||

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