Sierretheny Rodgers
Portrayed By Shawntae "Da Brat" Harris
Full Name Sierretheny Amira Rodgers
Birthday March 13
Age 16
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality Lesbian
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Reth’s sexual preference is well known in school and town. She is known as the loud friendly person that she is among classmates. Teachers see her as a disrespectful trouble maker. Among her friends Reth is known to be the one of the biggest female pot heads, a reputation she does not mind having.

Character Details

Reth is a very easy person to get along with, as long as you’re not an authority figure. Reth boisterous voice can often be heard if she is in the area. She loves to have fun, if there is an event she is there. Though she is a lesbian she does not make it a point to try to sleep with girls. She is a big flirt but it is often harmless fun. She respects straight women. Reth finds that she connects more with males so she tends to associate with them more. While she is a huge people person she finds it hard to have many close friends that are on her level. She does smoke (cigarettes and marijuana) but does not like to partake in other illegal activates or substances some people do not understand that. Reth is not a hard ass by far. She likes what she likes and hates what she hates and will make it very clear to anyone who does not understand.


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