Madison Worth
Portrayed By Ashley Tisdale
Full Name Madison Jeanette Worth
Birthday January 3, 1994
Age 16
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment Part-Time Grounds Keeper at North Beach Country Club
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A popular girl that’s just riding on the coattails of the even more popular girls. She’s good for gossip, and is loyal to only those in her inner circle. People best watch what they say around Madison Worth. She’s a sweetie, and she doesn’t mean anything by it, but the girl’s got a mouth.

Character Details

Madison is the quintessential sidekick. An unfortunate dose of an addictive personality usually causes her to cling onto a select few or a small group of people. She’s a great friend, there’s no mistaking – she’s just not a very good acquaintance. Madison is semi-famous at Seaside for being the biggest gossip (she prefers the term ‘informant’ secretly). A word would never escape her lips about those that she holds dear, but she has no restraints on spreading everyone else’s drama and trying her best to learn all of it.

It’s not hard for Madison to get to know people, especially those that don’t know about her loose-lipped reputation. She’s an enthusiastic and friendly girl, and, driven by the same natural curiosity that keeps her so engaged in her “trade,” she’s able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Of course, she might fudge the facts a bit sometimes in order to seem a little cooler…

Despite what it may seem like, Madison doesn’t mean to actually hurt anyone. She’s not a bully, even if sometimes she makes friends with them. Madison is really just looking to impress her friends, and she doesn’t realize how bad she comes off sometimes. She’s a sweet girl that’s just looking for acceptance.

Madison makes average grades and doesn’t have a particular interest in anything academic. She joined cheerleading in order to be in the company of her friends at her former high school and managed to squeeze by onto the varsity squad. She’s a typical teenager in most aspects – she loves boys, Nicolas Sparks movies, and make-up. For no rational reason, she’s terrified of swimming and small spaces.


Name Relation Notes
Carrie Worth Mother A slightly off-balance and ever moping woman, Carrie and Madison have a distant relationship. There’s real love between the two, but if they’re left alone to “hang out” it’s filled with awkward silences and small talk. Carrie hasn’t been real good for those mother-daughter type things. In fact, she hasn’t been real good for any kind of relationship with her family at all – she’s like a ghost.
Todd Worth Father The more responsible of the two parents, Todd still isn’t the ideal father figure. He’s made sure Madison had grown up reasonably well, but the two lack a real close relationship. Indeed, he’s a bit better than Carrie, and Madison has come to him with real problems before, he’s just always a bit too busy and very much concerned about the family’s appearances. Still, he does care deep down, somehow.

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