Laria Hapsburg
Portrayed By Summer Glau
Full Name Laria Ausa Hapsburg
Birthday 22 September
Age 16
Class Junior
Clique The Brains
Position Student
Employment Part Time Website Design at Hapsburg Realty
Sexuality Bisexual
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Laria tends to rub people the wrong way. She's smart - maybe too smart for anyone's good - and incredibly outspoken, and there was this one time with her and Angelia… but no one talks about that. No one who wants to stay socially viable, anyway.

There's also mention that she might be a bit… loose… but that's not widely believed. After all, with her personality?

Character Details

Brilliant. Confident. Willful. Intense. Eccentric. All of these terms could be used to describe Laria Hapsburg. However, she likely wouldn't notice you using any of them - she's remarkably uninterested in the opinions of others, focused instead on simply being right. She has incredibly detailed and varied interests, and is often seen with a book or her Kindle in hand reading about some remarkably technical topic or other, and has little time for the foolishness that is usual high school interaction. That isn't to say that she doesn't value people - she does, and is an intensely loyal friend - but she'd rather tell people the truth than what they want to hear, and she'd rather be disliked for saying what's right than liked for saying what's popular.


Name Relation Notes
Elizabeth Rytte-Hapsburg Mother A 50 year old Real Estate Agent, Elizabeth doesn't really understand her eldest daughter all that well.
Amadeus Hapsburg Father A 54 year old Car Salesman. Amadeus is a big fan of money.
Léonie Hapsburg Sister Her 15 year old younger sister and probably Laria's best friend.

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