Kitty Mao
Portrayed By Cyndi Wang
Full Name Kitty Qiaolian Mao
Birthday December 4
Age 16
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment Gardner's Assistant at North Beach Country Club
Sexuality Straight
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That Chinese girl? Well, another exchange student said that both of her parents were athletes or something like that, and competed at an Olympic level, and she was being trained herself, and was rather good. Though, she doesn't seem to talk that often to most people. But she does hand in her assignments and completes tests, in English, before they're due in.

They say, next semester, she'll be trying out for the track team.

Character Details

Competitive, right down to the line. Be it academically or on the track, Kitty has a reputation to rebuild in a new country. However, friends? She'll pick and choose carefully. Imagine what the other girls back home would say if they found out she wasn't hanging out with other athletes?

Of course, she'll keep quiet about her own training, diet and everything else. She wouldn't want to give people an advantage. Not to mention the reason she'll try to vanish when cameras are about.


Name Alt ID Relation Notes
Michael Mao Mao Huang Fu Father If there's one person in her life Kitty hates, it's now her father and not in the simply teen-angst way. She sees him as a person who has wrecked her life, and most likely any chance she has of being selected to represent China.
Tony Mao Mao An Brother Well, he's a year younger, not as gifted athletically as Kitty, but he easily trumps her when it comes to brains. Sure, he can be embarrassing at times, or do strange things while trying to be accepted, but she still adores him.
Tiffany Mao Mao Zongying Mother She knows she's in a bad situation, but she's going to keep up the smile and keep working on and waiting for the situation to resolve itself. After all, there's nothing she can do except hope for the best. Kitty's determined to find a job, simply so that her mother doesn't have to carry as much of a burden.

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