Juliette Fisher
Portrayed By Hanna Beth
Full Name Juliette Isobel Fisher
Birthday September 13
Age 16
Class Sophomore
Clique The Brains
Position Weirdo/Brain-Deva
Employment at
Sexuality Oh So Very Petty!
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If defined by one word, the word chosen to represent Juliette Fisher would be ‘unique’. Two words would be ‘blissfully unique’. With her own divalicious style, blooming artistic talent and a soulful voice built for Blues Pastor Fisher’s daughter is known for her quirky personality, open mind, and outrageous ideas of what acceptable self expression is. She’s also rather smart, which can often come as a shock to some.

Character Details

It does not go without saying that the girl loves her life. She’s easily one of the best friends someone can make, and a truly terrifying enemy to those that cross her threshold of tolerance. And it takes /a lot/ to cross her. She doesn’t date much. Parties even less. And she tends to enjoy spending most of her free time in classes at Galley One or chasing her aspirations of becoming a diva, a rather than out of the beach…much to her brother Travis’s delight.

Juliette is a girl of many loves. Life, art, self expression, her family, the beauties of nature…even school. She’s a lover of all things cult, from Twilight to Harry Potter, right down to Care Bears and Ninja Turtles. All experiences are taken with wide open arms and explored. Perhaps this is what has lead to her rather ‘off’ reputation of being slightly strange. It doesn’t bother Juliette however. She is a girl of passion, who lives for the mediums that make life interesting.


Name Relation Notes
Marten Fisher Adoptive Father Marten was a good father. As good a father as a Baptist Pastor can be to an adopted teenage daughter with hopes to be a the next great science fiction writer. Marten would have rather had Juliette spend her time working on her school work and less time indulging in a daydream that he felt would ‘damn her soul and open the floodgates of sin’. Still, Marten does support her.
Reba Fisher Adoptive Mother Reba was elated the day that they received Juliette. She was without a doubt the perfect mother and wife. Regardless of her dislike of Juliette's choices and hobbies, Reba was ever the supportive mother, making all of Juliette's costumes and spending hours sitting outside of rehearsals, auditions, and art classes. She has never missed a play or lesson.

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